Ashes Of Creation Dev Q&A

Here you can find the Ashes Of Creation Dev Q&A for January 11 2017, they share thoughts behind the reasoning for their systems and mechanics and help you learn more about the game.

Dev Q&A

Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation Dev Q&A

Question 1: How will the game flow being factionless?

Factions feel like you’re being restricted and feel like you only get to interact with half of the community. We want people to be able to drive their own path with help along with things such as the node system. You may start in one of the nodes, it might get attacked and destroyed and you may venture to another node to find new friends and alliances. Another perk about being factionless as there’s always change, if it was faction based everything is set and there’s no movement with no real meaning. It’s more fluid without factions as you can choose where and who you play with and not tell you what to do instead of letting you choose what to do.

Question 2: Will there be Points of Interest?

We want people to go out and plant their flags but that doesn’t mean nothing existed before players arrived. We have a ton of lore about this planet and what happened before players arrived. Part of the game  will be discovering about the history of the game. It’s less of a fact it’s a blank canvas and more of a fact that you have a lot of paint to work with while creating your picture. There are many different paths a community can choose from and move down that path. The players are developing the world but that doesn’t mean it’s blank, more like there will be POI’s like woods to run through, or wizard towers that can become hubs for players.

Question 3: What do large guilds have access to?

Pretty common in MMOs that content for guild play focuses around large guild and what we are trying to do is focus on small guilds, medium guilds and large guilds as its shown through the available mechanics such as levelling up the guild for certain skills, taking castles or participating in finding these nodes and towns. There’s a lot of focus on creating content around groups of players whether it be small or large to participate in as a community both as in the global community of the game and their small community of their guild. There will be Guild vs Guild, Taking castle, Guilds will have a lot of activity driven mechanics that focus on changing and impacting the world around them and it won’t be restricted to only large guilds and be at a scalable level. Guilds will have skills and levels, be able to have guild halls, guild housing, guild specific buildings and quests within a node, guild specific nodes associated with the castles that people can build up and enhance the defence capabilities, Guilds will exert influence over zones if they own castles for those regions and dedicated support to the economic/military/scientific/divine growth.

Question 4: What can be built in the world?

There are 3 Primary focuses: Buildable Housing by players in claimable land being able to build farms, crafting stations, workshops and animal husbandry. There is also static housing in early node development and if you purchase a house during a node’s early development you can watch your house grow along with the node and reap the rewards however there is a finite number of houses per node so these houses will be rare and sought after. There will also be instance housing in a node when that node reaches a certain stage.

Question 5: How will the referral system work?

Since the players are the ones who build MMO’s we wanted to make a system that is rewarding and compensates the player. You will receive 15% of anything a player spends on the game through purchasing the game to using the cosmetic store. You will then be able to use the income you generate to get cashback, put money towards buying your subscription or even purchase things within the cosmetic shop. This is a system that offers a good balance as it mitigates cost of Pay to Win and promotes organic growth.

Question 6: Why chose the name ‘Ashes of Creation’?

The phoenix is a big symbol for us, it is a god who may or not have created the world and may or may not have died. With all phoenixes it rises from the ashes. Mechanics of change that allows new creations i.e a metropolis falls in a great battle and falls into ashes but out of those ashes it will rise more creation.

Question 7: Will there be traditional styled raids and dungeons?

Yes, there are different types of dungeons for small and large groups, some dungeons are only able to be tackled by large numbers of players. Most will be open dungeons as well as some instances. Dungeon content will be influenced by players’ decisions on how they wanted to move their civilization and their choices impact the dungeons. One server might have one dungeon but in another server that dungeon may not exist.

Question 8: Will there be regional servers?

Yes, there will be regional servers.

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