Ashes Of Creation Artisanship Update

The preview of the Ashes of Creation Artisanship update featuring the Designers, the Engineer, and the Producer behind the game has finally come via the official Ashes of Creation YouTube channel. In the video, several points and updates about the Artisan System were gone over as well as new additions like recipes and resources. With that, let’s jump into everything and break down all the necessary points.

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Ashes Of Creation ArtisanShip Update


As players enter the world of Ashes of Creation, they will be greeted by the Artisanship System. A series of professions where players can enjoy being themselves and do what they want to do during their time in Ashes of Creation. Think of it as jobs in the realm. Now what is the Artisanship System in Ashes of Creation?

What Is The Artisanship System?

As we dive deeper into Ashes of Creation, let’s get ourselves caught up with the Artisanship System. The Artisanship System or the Artisan System is a system where players can access its three branches which are Gathering, Processing, and Crafting. These three branches of the Artisan System have specific skills and talents.

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  • Fishing
  • Herbalism
  • Hunting
  • Lumbering
  • Mining


  • Alchemy
  • Cooking
  • Lumber Milling
  • Metalworking
  • Stone Mason
  • Tanning
  • Smithing
  • Weaving
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Farming


  • Arcane Engineering
  • Armor Smithing
  • Carpentry
  • Jewel Cutting
  • Leatherworking
  • Scribing
  • Tailoring
  • Weapon Crafting

Now that we’re familiar with the Artisan System of Ashes of Creation, let’s get into the main topic, The Ashes of Creation Artisanship Update.

What’s New?

When it comes to the Artisanship of Ashes of Creation there is a lot to choose from. In the Artisanship update preview, there is a handful of exciting stuff to expect to come to the three branches of Artisanship.

Service Buildings – Supply Shops

Included in the Ashes of Creation Artisanship update, to help with the Artisanship System, the team behind Ashes of Creation has added a service shop players can build in their node. The Supply Shop mainly focuses on the Artisan System offering items, materials, and tools players may need in the Artisan System subbranches of Herbalism, Animal Husbandry, Farming, and so on.

agricultural shop in ashes of creation

Once players have the required materials to craft their Artisan tools, there is an Anvil that can be found in the Shop where players can craft their tools immediately upon purchase of their materials. Aside from purchasing what you need to craft your tools in this shop, players can also find missions in exchange for currency or experience. An example of this would be crafting your first Herbalism Sickle.

Other types of Supply shops can be found in the game that offer different kinds of tools and materials for all types of sub-professions. The Agricultural Supply Shop and the Woodshop are two of these supply shops found in the game.


As mentioned in the Ashes of Creation Artisanship Update preview, In Ashes of Creation, the Gathering branch of the Artisan System is the more straightforward branch of the three. Players go out to gather their resources such as wood, meat, herbs, and more. In the Ashes of Creation Artisanship update, it was revealed that more resources may be more tedious and harder to find as they may require a specific area or time of day.

  • Night Opals – found in its name, the Night Opals cannot be seen during the day. When night falls, the Night Opals emerge from their shell and shine through the night.
  • Moonbells – this flower only blooms with the moonlight so players can only find this flower at night.

As part of the Gathering system in the Artisanship of Ashes of Creation, the Herbalism subbranch and all the other subbranches of the Artisanship system have their own set of tools and materials. An example of this would be Herbalism’s Sickle.

  • Herbalism Sickle – A tool used to collect various herbs and flowers found all over the land. This tool comes with a quest called “A Feast of Flowers” once you visit your local Agricultural Supply shop and talk to its main vendor.
ashes of creation resources

Season, Location, and time Specific items

Some of the bigger parts that affect the resource economy of the game are seasons, location, and time. What does this mean? Items and resources players may need for a recipe can have varying rarities. This means that some items can only be found in specific locations, on specific seasons, and on a specific time of day. An example of this would be the new Moonbell herb that can only be found at night.

ashes of creation autumn


Included in the Ashes of Creation Artisanship Update preview, or new players entering Ashes of Creation getting into the Artisanship of the game, they will have a series of quests and missions depending on the profession to get their first set of tools to get them started. All professions are not the same in the world of Ashes of Creation and this would also mean that their first tool quests are unique in their ways as well.

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In Ashes of Creation, the many ways to find recipes for armor, weapons, etc would be trading with other players, gathering through boss fights or enemy drops, or just visiting your local shop and buying the recipe you need.

nightblade recipe snapshot
New Nightblade Weapon recipe

As mentioned in the preview video on the Ashes of Creation official YouTube channel, there might be some unique recipes that may have “Charge Counts“. What are Charge Counts? A recipe’s Charge Count is basically how many times you can craft the item with a recipe.

For example, when crafting a specific recipe, players can only craft the item with a recipe a specific number of times before the recipe disappears. Even so, most of the recipes in Ashes of Creation are still to be permanently learned upon pick-ups and consumption. Charge counts may only be for specific higher-level weapons. To learn a recipe in Ashes of Creation, players must “right-click” with their mouse to consume the recipe in their inventory.

Artisan Tool Slots

Here, players can find all of their tools for their Artisanship Professions. Think of it as a hub or a toolbox for all of your important materials such as Sickles for Herbalism, Axe for Lumbering, and so on.

On the right side of the panel are the tool slots for your chosen Artisan Profession. The tools players can put in the slots may vary depending on their chosen profession. Aside from tools, players can also see their level and experience progression in their chosen profession via the green bar that can be found on the top middle section or the left side of the panel.


Once a player reaches the maximum level of their professional experience, players will level up in their certification. After leveling up in your certification, you can now access better tools and brand-new recipes. As mentioned in the Ashes of Creation Artisanship Update preview, not only do players get new materials to use for their professions but they also unlock a brand new portion of their skill tree.

progression bar

Bags And Inventory Update

In the Ashes of Creation Artisanship update preview, it was mentioned that the inventory system has been improved in terms of organization, space, and stacking. For stacking, the bags will now have stats on how much you can stack a specific item to make organization and sorting a little bit easier for the players. In addition, there will now be several bags with different types of storage and space that gradually increase for players to have the ability to pick up more resources without having to go back and forth. One of the new bags coming to the game as it gets developed would be the Bountiful bags excellent for long travels or extensive resource farming for its space.

Profession Specific Bags

As shown in the Ashes of Creation Artisanship update, bags that are used for a specific profession such as the Herbalism Bag, these types of bags have a unique feature that is exclusive to their profession. Every professional bag has a specific layout for the materials relating to the profession. By using this layout, players can stack more of the items that are for their specific profession than with other items that are not for their profession. It is also important to add that this is not to say that players can’t use profession-specific bags for items that are not of their profession. Players can indeed put other items in their professional bags, however, the items will not utilize the bag’s stacking bonus. For example, players of the Herbalism Profession can stack about 50 herbs in their herbalism bag but they can only stack 20 wood that is of the lumbering profession.

Additionally, as mentioned in the Ashes of Creation Artisanship update, Lower tier bags may offer a small space but as you progress through the game and make higher-tiered bags, you will have larger and more generous spacing for your materials as well as a larger variety of items to keep.


Another addition to the Ashes of Creation Artisanship update would be the Mining drops update. Now, when players are mining, the drops can vary depending on the type of stone players are mining, they can yield gems, stone, zinc, and other minerals. These drops are randomized to make mining a little more impactful as well as to give players that sense of really becoming miners looking for rare materials and gems for their crafting. Players can also yield two items at a time.

ashes of creation mining


As seen in the Ashes of Creation Artisanship update preview, Corruption across the lands is another new addition to the game as it gets developed. Now why is Corruption part of the Artisanship system? As the corruption continues to spread but players do not stop it, the Corruption affects all resources and animals it may touch. Resources affected by the Corruption then would need higher-tier tools to farm. Corruption also affects the resource economy of the game as well as the scarcity of the resources it has infected.

By Players, For Players

In Ashes of Creation, players can make or gather items and resources other players may need for their everyday. Specific professions can also create and supply what other professions can’t but they need just as much as others do. With this, players can get to help one another by gathering and trading materials with their friends or just crafting tools, weapons, armor, and other wear for players who cannot because of their profession restrictions. This adds more value to the trading, gathering, and material economy of the as well as player bonds and networks.


Fueling in the Ashes of Creation Artisanship Update is one of the most important things to keep in mind as you journey through your game. Fuel is the biggest part of the Processing side of the Artisanship in Ashes of Creation. Without fuel, you cannot process your wood, herbs, or even armor. Lower-tier items may require you to only use x1 of a resource to fuel your processing but for some, you may need over x50 or x100 just for fuel. Any resource can be used as fuel but for example, coal can used for longer periods of time or for bigger projects.

fuel ashes of creation

Weapon Tiers

As part of the new additions to Ashes of Creation featured in the Ashes of Creation Artisanship update, Weapon Tiers. In Ashes of Creation, weapons can be upgraded to higher and higher tiers using specific materials such as minerals, gems, and so on. Here, when you upgrade a weapon to a higher tier, its damage and rarity change to a higher level. From Uncommon grade weapons, they can be upgraded to Rare grade weapons.

uncommon weapon
rare weapon

In the world of Ashes of Creation, you can take up any Artisanship branch whether it be Gathering, Processing, or Crafting. Be anything you want to be! Write your own story and figure out just who you are. Are you a Lumberjack? Potion Mogul? Herbalist? And so on! Until next time.

We hope you enjoyed the Ashes of Creation Artisanship Update preview as much as we did! Join our official discord channel!


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