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Content Creator Program Introduced by Intrepid Studios

content creator program featured image

Content Creator Program

“Glorious Content Creators!

We are excited to announce that the Intrepid Studios Content Creator Program has been revamped! We took feedback from the previous community members who were part of our initial program, and have finalized Phase 1 of our overhaul. With that, we have reopened the program, and applications are now being accepted!

This fresh start comes with a new application process, guidelines, and glorious rewards. Thank you all for your patience while we updated the program – we can’t wait to continue to grow the Ashes of Creation community with you!”

What is the Intrepid Studios Content Creator Program?

“The Intrepid Studios Content Creator Program is a partnership where Intrepid Studios helps content creators that are interested in being brand ambassadors and creating consistent content for Ashes of Creation. Intrepid Studios wants to help you grow your community, gain visibility, and assist you through direct contact with the development team on a daily basis. All of this, plus even more added perks!

This program is open to content creators both small and large! Our focus is the quality of your content, so don’t worry about minimum follower counts.

We also have a Referral Program that is open to everyone! Check out more details on how you can receive 15% of any ongoing account purchases from friends that you refer here.

Who is the Content Creator Program meant for?

Are you a content creator who is covering Ashes of Creation? Do you run a podcast, fansite, video channel, or live stream channel, and would you like to collaborate closely with Intrepid Studios to help grow a healthy and positive community? If your answer is yes, then this program is for you!

Why would I want to join the Content Creator Program?

“Intrepid Studios offers a wide range of perks to those who join, for as long as they are part of the Content Creator Program. Depending on your current Ashes of Creation content frequency and follower engagement, some or all of these perks may be provided to you:

  • Intrepid Studios will help promote your content on our official channels
  • Unique referral codes
  • Subscription time
  • Giveaway bundles to give out to your community (primarily for after release; no pay to win items – only cosmetic or merch-related)
  • Flagged as a Content Creator on Discord and Forums
  • Access to private Content Creator Program Discord and Forums
  • Access to all private NDA testing and public testing phases
  • Access to developers for exclusive interviews
  • Access to an annual Town Hall Event – a meeting with the development team to talk about the future of Ashes of Creation
  • Access to high resolution images from our updates to use in content creation
  • Asset assistance – Overlays, social media graphics, emotes, etc.
  • Equipment – Ashes of Creation-themed package with shirts, water bottle, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, headset, mic, etc.
  • And more to come!”

How can I join the Content Creator Program?

“If you want to join the Intrepid Studios Content Creator Program, please fill out this form! We will reach back out to you to let you know whether you are accepted or declined.

Please note that due to high interest, processing applications may take some time.

Thanks for checking out the Mage Alpha One Preview. For more information on Ashes of Creation like previous updates, check back here for more! Come launch we will have an interactive map, database and more resources!


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