New Blue Protocol Japanese Language to Other Language

Bandai Namco released its first season of Blue Protocol on June 14, 2023, in Japan. With a defaulting language set to Japanese, some players have difficulty understanding and experiencing the game.

Look no more because, in this article, we’ll give you a full guide to translate your Blue Protocol Japanese Language into your desired language.

MORT is a third-party tool that gamers may use to translate the Blue Protocol into Japanese.

What is MORT?

MORT or MokeyHead’s OCR Realtime Translator is a translation tool that helps players in their journey through the land of Regnas in the all-new Blue Protocol. Using MORT as a supplemental tool in translating Blue Protocol Japanese language to the language you desire.

The application itself includes a lot of tools to help you through translation. An example of this is the overlay and layer function that extracts Japanese text and converts the information recorded by OCR into English.

Blue Protocol Japanese Language Translator

MORT also allows players to choose between two different modes for extracting and translating the text in your Blue Protocol Japanese Language.

The first mode is the automated full-screen translation overlay, which will automatically translate all of the text on your screen into English. The second mode is the layer feature, which allows you to highlight text and translate the region that you have selected.

Players need to keep in mind that using this translation overlay at real-time speed requires a powerful computer to better enjoy the game itself.

But you may just use the layered technique for translations, which requires fewer resources, or you can tweak the speed in the parameters to meet the performance of your machine. When compared to the first technique, the regular layer feature is much more stable and trustworthy.

Let’s look at how to translate your Blue Protocol Japanese language into English or any other language you want once I’ve given you an introduction to the MORT. There are a few simple steps in this guide that you must complete to begin exploring the realm of Regnas.

Language Pack Installation

The first step before players can use MORT’s translation features is to make sure that the Japanese Language pack is installed in your operating system. The application will not function properly if you do not have the Japanese language pack installed. For players to do that:

  • Open your settings from the Start Menu.
  • Click the Time & Language option.
  • Click Language on the left panel.
  • Click the “Add a language”.
Language Pack Installation
  • Find or Search for the Japanese language.
  • Click the Japanese language and Install.
Installing Japanese Pack

Downloading MORT

After you succeeded in following the previous step, you can now download the MORT Tool. Mort will help translate Blue Protocol Japanese Language into English or another language.

Its most recent version can only be obtained from the GitHub release page. You can visit the official page by clicking MORT Downloader to get the most recent ZIP file.


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Configuring MORT

Once the MORT has been unzipped and downloaded from your system, you can now begin to configure MORT to suit your system and to translate your Blue Protocol Japanese Language. To begin the translation tool is accessed via MORT.exe and includes basic setup settings. We will only utilize these main Tabs:

  1. General Tab
  2. Translation Tab
  3. ETC Tab (Keybinds)
  4. Additional Tab (Advanced Settings)

General Tab

The first thing you need to do in MORT is go under the General Tab. We primarily want to ensure that WIN OCR is selected since it produced the best results among the others. After that in the language option select Japanese since we want MORT to translate your Blue Protocol Japanese Language. The OCR result output can also be checked. Everything else in this section can be ignored.

MORT: General Tab

Translation Tab

After that, you may proceed to the translation tab. Because you will be largely using the layer function, you should choose the layer as the Translation window type. All of the additional translation settings can be configured to go from Japanese to English and other languages, as illustrated in the image below.

MORT: Translation Tab


After you’ve configured the translation tab, you can now proceed with configuring your key binds for the MORT Tool in the ETC Tab. The ETC Tab unlocks all of the key bind controls that will be used to highlight the targeted location in your Blue Protocol Japanese Language.

You can alter the SNAPSHOT key bind to something more accessible to you, as it will be used frequently by individuals who need to translate and extract in-game text. For this article I used the “ControlKey+ShiftKey+Oemplus Key” but you can choose whatever you want as long as it doesn’t bother you.


Additional Tab

You’re one step closer to playing your Blue Protocol Japanese Language into your desired language. Once you’re done figuring out your keybinds you may now proceed to the Additional tab.

Please keep in mind that you want CAPTURE IN THE ACTIVE WINDOW to be turned off or unchecked because we are using the layer function rather than the automatic full-screen overlay capability.


MORT: Additional Tab

Once done, click on ADVANCED SETTINGS which will bring you to a separate tab. In the menu, select one option that may help you use the application in the future.

When this section opens, check the MINIMIZE MORT button to ensure that when you close MORT, it is minimized rather than closing the program. This option is not enabled by default, but it should be enabled for convenience.

MORT: Advanced Settings

If you wish to close the application later, go to your taskbar and exit it by right-clicking the icon below and selecting the last option.

MORT: Closing

Using Mort in Blue Protocol

You’re on the last step in your journey in the world of Regnar! Once you’ve successfully configured MORT and your new Snapshot key bind, you can start translating text on the fly.

By pressing our key bind once and then letting go of ControlKey+ShiftKey+Oemplus Key (Default: ControlKey+ShiftKey+A), you can select a region by holding down your left click.

Once you let go of your left click and have selected the text you want to be extracted, the layer function will show you the English-translated text in the layer, as shown in the image below.

MORT: In game Example

You’re done! You have successfully translated your Blue Protocol Japanese Language into your desired language.

NOTE: You may freely move and resize the layer anywhere on your screen! By heading to the Text Tab in the menu, you may also modify the font and font size of the layer. The graphic below displays an example of the configuration options.

MORT: Text Tab

If you found this article helpful, make sure to share it with your friend so you’ll be able to turn your Blue Protocol Japanese Language into your desired language and explore the vast world of Ragnas!

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