Blue Protocol Weapon Skins – How To Get and Remove

Greetings, Blue Protocol gamers! This article explains how to obtain and remove weapon skins. Knowing this is important to have the coolest drip in the game. The information in this article about Blue Protocol Weapon Skins is based on the current patch of Blue Protocol on the Japanese server. Changes may occur once Blue Protocol is fully released around the world. So, stay tuned to our website for new updates about Blue Protocol.

How to get Blue Protocol weapon skins

At the Asterlys memorabilia exchange, you can obtain weapon skins by trading “Weapon Skin Exchange Tickets”. Remember that only one ticket can be used per skin, so make sure to have the desired weapon beforehand.

Bow Weapon Skin

How to acquire a weapon skin exchange ticket

Number of TicketsHow to acquire it
3Paid Season Rank Rewards (Rank 1)

1Paid Season Rank Rewards (Rank 29)

1Paid Season Rank Rewards (Rank 69)

Acquiring Blue Protocol weapon skins through connect coupon campaigns

During a campaign period, you can request for other players to use the connect coupon 15 times, and after that, you will be able to pick one of the “Red Fleeting Splendor” to acquire weapon skins. Therefore, be active in using and sharing your connect coupons.

connect coupon campaigns

Future gacha implementation of Blue Protocol Weapon Skins

In the current patch of Blue Protocol, only mounts and costumes have gacha. Game developers may introduce weapon skin gachas in the future.

Gacha Implementation of Blue Protocol Costume Skins
Gacha Implementation of Blue Protocol Mount Skins

How to remove weapon skins

If you attempt to remove a weapon skin without a special item, the skin will be destroyed. To safely remove the skin, use the “Weapon Skin Punch” which is available at the BPP Store for P80.

Weapon Skin Punch

List of available weapon skins in Blue Protocol

Blue Gold Shine Series

  • Cane
Blue Gold Shine Series Cane
  • Hammer
Blue Gold Shine Series Hammer
  • Bow
Blue Gold Shine Series Bows
  • Sword & Shield
Blue Gold Shine Series Sword Shield
  • Double Axe
Blue Gold Shine Series Double Axe

Red Ephemeral Shine Series

  • Cane
Red Ephemeral Shine Series Cane
  • Hammer
Red Ephemeral Shine Hammer
  • Bow
Red Ephemeral Shine Bow
  • Sword & Shield
Red Ephemeral Shine Sword and Shield
  • Double Axe
Red Ephemeral Shine Double Axe


The unique Blue Protocol Weapon Skins will make you stand out in the world of Blue Protocol. Therefore, don’t be shy about flexing your awesome drips to other players! To help you decide on which weapon skins you should equip for your character, check out our Ultimate Blue Protocol All Classes Guide to see which gameplay and aesthetics you desire. You can also visit our website to get the latest updates about Blue Protocol. Lastly, we would like to invite you to our amazing community discord. We hope to see you there! Stay awesome, folks!

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