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Blue Protocol Silent City Additional Investigation Easy Guide

Welcome gamers! Blue protocol is just around the corner as the Western release is scheduled for the year 2024. No MMO is without its dungeon content and today we’ll be looking at one of them which is the Silent City Additional Investigation.

Silent City Additional Investigation

Silent City Additional Investigation is a dungeon that you can access after completing the main quest which simply called “Silent City”. It homes one of the materials that you need to craft inside the Silent Remnant Weapon Board.

In this guide. We’ll cover everything you need to know about Silent City Additional Investigation on how to unlock it, strategies, and rewards.

How to unlock Silent City Additional Investigation

To unlock Silent City Additional Investigation. You’ll need to complete the Silent City main quest first from Feste. You’ll find her on Ritze Trade Street in Montenor Valley.

Silent City Main Quest

After accepting the quest, head to Andorra Basin in Asteria Plains and go to the upper left corner of the map. You’ll find a tent and a straight pathway. Continue on this straight pathway that is filled with bandits and you’ll reach Silent City.

Silent City Location

This will be your first encounter with Silent City dungeon in the main quest.

Silent City Additional Investigation

After clearing the main quest dungeon, you’ll unlock Silent City Additional Investigation. You can find Silent City Additional Investigation on Command Menu > Mission > Investigation > Silent City Additional Investigation

Command Menu


First Battle Area

Battle area 1

When you first start off the dungeon you’ll be immediately thrown into a battle area. The battle area consists of a ramp moving upward filled with Goblin Warriors, Elder Goblins, and Leader of all leaders. Defeat all the enemies to proceed.

Second Battle Area

Second Battle Area

Once cleared. Head along the rooftop pathways until you come across a long bridge. Cross the long bridge and you’ll find yourself at the second battle area. This area is flat so you have a lot of space to dodge attacks. Enemies consist of Lizard Ghosts, Dogorman, and Ice elements that filled this area. Defeat all the enemies to proceed.

Third Battle Area

When cleared, go up some ramps and stairs and you’ll find a totem that gives your team a quick interval buff.

Blue Totem quick interval

Before moving to the third battle area. You’ll find a totem behind the stairs that leads to the third battle area.

Red totem location

You can grab the red totem that gives everyone in your party an “HP Drain” buff.

Third battle area

Go up the stairs and you’ll find yourself on a balcony. This is where the third battle area for the dungeon Silent City Additional Investigation. The area is also flat making dodging way easier and it consists of Abandoned automata, a Draug edge an Ice element, and an Iron Fang.

Fourth Battle Area

Fourth Battle Area

Once you complete the third battle area. You’ll immediately start the fourth battle area. Same with the 2nd and 3rd, the fourth battle area is also flat. Enemies consist of the F series goblins. Specifically F Greater Goblins and F Goblin Warlords. Defeat all enemies to proceed.

Fifth Battle Area

Batlle Area 4

Once done with the fourth battle area. Climb up to some roof decks and move forward, you’ll reach the fifth battle area in no time. The fifth battle area takes place in a roof deck, this battle area is very tight along with a F Dogorman, F Goblin, and some F Goblin sages. Focus on not getting hit is advised as there’s little wiggle room to dodge.

Green Totem location

Once done with the battle area. Move forward and you’ll find a health totem. Use it to restore your health to prepare for the boss battle.

Boss Battle (Giant of Calamity)

Final boss Silent City

Giant of Calamity is a Dogorman and it has all the basic Dogorman-Type attacks but with some additional special moves at its sleeves. Defeat it and the dungeon is cleared. We’ll tackle Giant of Calamity special moves in our Silent City Additional Investigation Strategy points.

Silent City Additional Investigation Strategy Points

In this section, we’ll be looking at some of the strategy points that you need to know to have an easy time conquering Silent City Additional Investigation especially the Giant of Calamity.

Break Stuff to Acquire Health Orbs

Health and Stamina Orbs

Breaking stuff such as barrels or boxes can sometimes drop Health or Stamina orbs. Keep on the lookout for breakable objects if you’re running low on resources.

Climb to proceed

Climb Prompt

You may find yourself in a dead-end spot a lot for this dungeon. Search your surroundings as most of the time, you’ll be climbing a lot to proceed to the next area.

Red barrels

Red Barrels

Red barrels can be found in the dungeon. You can use these to your advantage to deal with massive AOE Fire damage.

Be fast and cautious

Genki dama

At the start of the fourth battle area. F-Greater Goblins will immediately channel a big giant orb that will shoot out an instant laser in a large AOE zone which is hard to dodge. So when the encounter starts, immediately interrupt all F-Greater Goblins channels. If you and your can’t interrupt in time. Prepare to perfect dodge to avoid heavy damage.

Dealing with Giant of Calamity

Giant of calamity

A giant of Calamity attacks are primarily from the front and are relatively safe from behind the enemy. If you’re using an Aegis Fighter on your team. Take the aggro Giant of Calamity from the front and use your shield to block or dodge attacks.

Dodge the dark breath and shockwaves

Giant of Calamity Breath

When a giant of calamity starts to breathe in heavily, indicated by the effects that are coming from his mouth. It will unleash a range of dark breath attacks in front. Dodging to the side is a great maneuver to avoid it

Giant of Calamity Breath 2

For this breath attack, it’s best to jump the attack if you’re in its trajectory or if you’re Aegis Fighter, you can use your shield.

Giant of Calamity

A giant of Calamity will sometimes do an all-around dark shockwave. You’ll know it’s performing a shockwave if Giant of Calamity drums its chest before doing the attack. Time your jump to not get hit.

Giant of Calamity Shockwave 2

At below 50% health. A giant of Calamity will do 5 consecutive dark shockwaves. The first 4 will only be in front of it while the last and final shockwave will be an all-around AOE dark shockwave, knocking everyone who is caught in the slam. Keep calm and jump or perfectly dodge the attack.

Giant of Calamity Spin attack

A giant of calamity will sometime do a spin attack in a straight line. Repeatedly dodge to the side to avoid this.


Upon defeating the Giant of Calamity, you’ll receive the following rewards.

Luno ×12419
Exp ×15455
Silence thing mat Silence Thing x 1
Union Paste G1 x 1


This concludes the Silent City Additional Investigation. Aegis fighter is essential for this dungeon as it can take up aggro from Giant of Calamity. Giving space for your long-range DPS to deal damage. That doesn’t mean that not having an Aegis Fighter is impossible, it’s possible but very difficult unless you can defeat Giant of Calamity as fast as possible.

Speaking of Aegis Fighter. If you wish to choose your main class when Blue Protocol western release has come out around 2024. Check out our Ultimate Blue Protocol All Classes Guide 2023 to find your class today. Don’t worry as this game will allow you to change class however you want so don’t be afraid of starting the class you wish to try out first. Want to know more or be the first to know about updates and releases? join our official discord channel!

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