Space travel in Derelicts

You crash on Earth with a space shuttle (the mother ship crashes too, otherwise it’s no fun!). One of the objectives of the game will be to fix the shuttle to leave.

Dynamic Weather in Derelicts

Derelicts promises to bring an vibrant and alive depiction of post apocalyptic earth complete with fully Dynamic weather in Derelicts.

Tomb Raider: Who’s Behind it?

Tomb Raider: Who’s Behind it? Crystal Dynamics announced that they would develop a new Tomb Raider sequel, the fourth in their reboot series.

Tomb Raider New Game Platforms

All Tomb Raider fans are excited to know what platforms will it be available on. It is likely that this game will be for next-gen consoles.

Tomb Raider What to expect

Tomb Raider: Who's Behind it?

The Developers have announced “A single-player, narrative-driven adventure that continues Lara Croft’s story in the Tomb Raider series.”

Derelicts Release Date

We are super excited about this upcoming survival game. With no current Derelicts Release Date, we’re keeping our eyes on their news channels.