Derelicts Release Date

After crashing on Earth with a space shuttle, you and your friends have to start from scratch. Explore and build a base, then defend it against mutated animals and humans. Find the origin of the defense mechanism that triggered a wave of radiations on Earth, forcing the most privileged part of mankind to go and live on space stations. We’re excited to hear about the Derelicts Release Date.

Sadly Derelicts currently has no release date other than a beta sometime in 2023, we are keeping a close eye on their official channels in hopes of an update soon.

Derelicts Release Date

Derelicts Release Date

So far we know Derelicts will launch on both epic games and steam and will later be ported to current gen consoles (with a possibility for last gen compatibility).

The developers are aiming for a 15-20 USD launch price although this might be subject to change due to costs involved with the project.


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