Space travel in Derelicts

You crash on Earth with a space shuttle (the mother ship crashes too, otherwise it’s no fun!). One of the objectives of the game will be to fix the shuttle to leave. In this article we discuss the potential of Space travel in Derelicts.

Space travel in Derelicts

Space travel in Derelicts

There is no space travel planned as the developer wants the game to be grounded and immersive, with a feeling of “being trapped”. We’re excited to hear about the release date of Derelicts too.

Space travel in Derelicts

The developer, Romain, talks about the games atmosphere being one of the key driving componants. Making the player want to escape earth to re-join other survivors of the earth’s apocalypse. It’s clear the final objective is to leave earth after fixing up your crashed escape craft.

Sadly the developer has confirmed there will be “no gameplay after leaving earth” effectively removing all hope of ever having an in space component to the Derelict world, for now!


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