What is Derelicts?

After crashing to Earth in a shuttle, you and your friends are forced to start from scratch. You will have to explore and build a base that will defend you against mutated animals and humans. Find the source of the defense mechanism that blanketed the world with radiation and caused the most wealthy and privileged to flee to special space stations to survive. In this article, we take a look at What is Derelicts?

What is Derelicts?

So, What is Derelicts?

Cut down trees for wood, mine metals and collect supplies to build a safe base that will protect you from the mutated wild animals.

Use the power of the wind, sun and water to power your base through windmills, solar panels or a water wheel.

Prepare for circumstances that affect your electricity generation (like a frozen river that stops your water wheel and solar panels that won’t work at night).

Build wooden water gutters to use water pumps (and pipes) to transport logs to automate your sawmill and stock up on planks.

Explore the world and find new tools, parts and manuals that will keep expanding your capabilities.

Be ready to face thunderstorms, blizzards and other natural disasters that make your daily survival difficult.

Find a dog who will become your companion in this survival hell and will help you fight for survival against the endless perils of earth in its post apocalyptic state.

What is Derelicts?

We hope you enjoyed this quick look into What is Derelicts? Derelicts promises to offer a survival base building co-op or single player experience when it hits beta in 2023.


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