Everything You Need To Know About Auni

This guide will help you how to find him and show you what he offers so that you can continue on your adventure to be “the very best” bug catching legend.

Everything You Need to Know About Jel

Jel, The village’s fashion icon. He has an eye for all things cosmetics and clothing. He can be found in his shop and often hangs around Tish, a close friend who models for him on occasion.

Fastest Way to Level Your Skills in Palia

In Palia there are many skills in the game such as Mining, Foraging, Fishing and even Hunting! You maybe asking yourself, what is the fastest way to level your skills in Palia or even where is the best spot to get a certain material.

How to Cut Down the Pink Trees in Palia

Palia is a relaxing cosy mmo from Singularity 6 which launched in 2023 with open arms from the community – something we all felt the Genre needed! As you explore through Palia you will find yourself coming across glowing Pink Trees and are probably wondering how to cut them down. In this Guide, we are […]

Where is Kenlis Lost Sandwich?

Are you having a hard time finding Kenlis Lost Sandwich? Well, as fans of a good sandwich, we used our Sandwich sniffing senses to locate the Sandwich!!

How to Repair Your Tools in Palia

There is also another location in Bahari Bay Stables. You can fast travel to this location or, if you are in the area, just head towards there, and you will see the big anvil, where you can repair your tools.

Complete Guide to Focus in Palia

You may ask yourself how your friends are walking around with higher tier tools or how you level up your skills at a faster rate during your adventures. Well, we have a written a complete guide to Focus in Palia. Which will help you! 

Where to Get Fabric in Palia

Welcome to our complete Guide to Fabric in Palia. There are multiple ways to get Fabric and in this Guide we are going to show you how. During your early game adventures in Palia you will find you need quite a bit of Fabric.