Everything You Need to Know About Jel

Jel has an eye for all things cosmetics and clothing. He can be found in his shop and often hangs around Tish, a close friend who models for him on occasion.


Jel’s Map Location

Kilima Map

Jel can often be found in his store, right in the heart of Kilima, if he’s not in his store Jel can be found roaming around the streets of Kilima and just outside the village in the evening and night time, going to and from his shop.

Friendship and Romance

All villagers can receive gifts each day, and each villager will also have a specific item they’re looking for that week. They may tell you themselves what they’d like, or you may hear it from their friends! You should check in often to speak with villagers and share your cooking or collection with your friends.

Many villagers in Kilima (and beyond) are open and available for something deeper than friendship. In Kilima, it is custom to give a pin to your lover to symbolize your love and devotion to each other. Who knows? Maybe if you get to know someone long enough, you may find yourself falling for them. Or, you may fall for multiple people – in Palia it’s common and accepted to have multiple love interests or lovers.

Jel’s Shop – The Tailor

Jel’s Tailor Store can be found beside Zeki’s General Store.

Jel's Shop

What can you do in the tailor?

In the tailor, you have the option to change your appearance or buy clothes in the Premium shop.

Change your Appearance

Here, you have the option to change your appearance from your hair so you can be a bald hunter to your pants for those hot summer days while tending to your crops.

Appearance Change
Appearance Change

Premium Store

You can also access the Premium Shop at the tailor, where you can buy clothes for your character so you can look like a badass Sky Captain or a classy Glitterati.

You can buy clothes here using Palia Coins which you need to buy from the Currency store.

Premium Shop


This is a work-in-progress guide, we will be updating this as we continue to play through the game!

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