Where to find Iron Ore and Palium Ore in Palia

One of the many skills you will be enjoying in Palia is Mining! Mining is one of the core skills that accompanies many other skills in Palia, such as Furnishing and it also is required to craft your Tools & Equipment!

Spending time in Kilima and Bahari Bay collecting all types of Ore will be something you find yourself doing often so we have put together a suggested route that may make getting your Iron Ore and Palium Ore in Palia a little easier!

Iron Ore and Palium Ore Locations in Palia

Before we get into the locations of the Iron and Palium Ore, it’s extremely important to note that the way resources work in Palia is different from your typical MMO. Normally, you have a node location, you mine it, and after a pre-defined cooldown that node respawns. In Palia it is similar, but there is an element of RNG in the equation.

Once you mine a resource node, you essentially reset it. For example, if you mine an Iron node, there is a chance it spawns back as stone. If it’s a Stone node where you would normally find Palium, mine it and there is a chance the Palium will spawn back.

Bugs from Resource Nodes

It’s worthwhile keeping a stack of Smoke Bombs on you while you’re out mining for Ore because as you deplete the nodes, there is a chance a little insect will come running out! Often they are quite rare and worth some Gold – worth capturing.

Best Route for Iron Ore and Palium Ore

This has become our go-to route for farming Iron Ore and Palium Ore. Please note, this is not every node and as you approach some of these, you may notice some of them are not what it says on the map due to the random element to the ore spawns.

Silver and Gold Ore in Palia

You may be wondering where you can get Silver and Gold Ore considering there are no actual nodes for them. They are a percentage chance drop from mining other Ore Nodes in Palia. We have also found Silver while Hoeing our Garden.

If you have alternative routes you would like to share, feel free to talk Palia & more on our Community Discord! If you want to know more about the various resources of Palia like Copper or Leather, feel free to jump into our in-depth guides on how to find and obtain them! We look forward to seeing you there.




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