Complete Guide to Skills in Palia

Complete Guide to Skills in Palia

Palia has a wide variety of things to do in it with eight different skills to learn. The skills are an important part of the game as you will need them to finish quests and gather certain materials for the Villagers. Players can progress through eight different skills as part of their daily routine.

Complete Guide to Skills in Palia

What skills can we use in Palia?

In Palia you can level up eight different skills ranging from Fishing to Mining and Gardening. These eight skills are the core skills in Palia and often rely on each other to progress further in another skill. Below we discuss a bit about each skill and what it is used for.


If you enjoy farming and growing crops and plants then the Gardening Skill is what you want to look into. Gardening may seem ver easy to do but to make the most out of your farming land you will need to plant crops in a certain way. For the best farming tips check out our Gardening Guide.

Palia Gardening


The Mining Skill is very important as it helps you farm the ores you need to craft bars. The bars are then used to make better tools for you to farm more valuable ores and resources. It is also one of the core skills that is needed for almost every other skill in Palia. Make sure to check out our Mining Guide to learn more about it.

Palia Mining


As you venture out, you’ll encounter numerous varieties of trees, plants, mushrooms, flowers, and other captivating and advantageous ingredients that grow in the wilderness. By collecting these items and processing their materials, you can enhance your other abilities. Foraging, like many skills in Palia, shares similarities. For instance, using wood to produce planks and adding mushrooms to dishes can be extremely beneficial. Make sure to check out our comprehensive Foraging guide for more information.

Palia Foraging


Fishing is the most relaxing skill Palia has to offer. There are many different ponds, rivers, and oceans to fish in which contain a wide range of different types of fish. Depending on your location, the time of the day, and the bait you use will determine what kind of fish you end up catching. For more information check out our comprehensive Fishing Guide.

Palia Fishing


If you’re a thrill-seeker who enjoys exploring the wilderness and hunting pesky creatures, mastering these skills may be perfect for you. The resident expert of Hassian and Tau can assist you in hunting animals and collecting their valuable resources to level up. Make sure to visit our Hunting Guide to give yourself an advantage against the wildlife Palia has to offer.

Palia Hunting

Insect Catching

Palia is a great place to catch and study insects. There are a wide variety of insects for you to search for and catch. Palia has its own in-game collectors book where you can see which insects you have caught and which you still need to catch. If you want to catch them all then following our Insect Catching Guide is a great place to start.

Palia Insect Catching

Furniture Making

Looking to personalize your home in Palia? The Furniture Making Skill is the best way to craft a variety of different furniture pieces, wallpapers, and paints. The better you get with you Furniture Making Skill the more advanced and fancier items you can craft. Plus, once your home is complete, invite your friends over to entertain in your perfect Palian dream home. Check out our Furniture Making guide for more information.

Palia Furniture Making


While out questing or gathering mats you can come across some rare ingredients that you can use to make fancy meals in Palia. By practising often you will be able to master all the meals you can cook in Palia. Take a look at our Cooking Skill guide for more information.

Palia Cooking

We hope you liked our Complete Guide to Skills in Palia. If you wish to check out more of our guides for Palia then why not check out our Gold Making Guide in Palia. If you have any Palia related questions feel free to ask them to our helpful staff on our Discord.




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