Complete Guide to Skills in Palia

Complete Guide to Skills in Palia

Palia is a charming sandbox world that features vast fields, hilly forests, and rocky beaches to discover. With plenty of opportunities to explore, there are also numerous skills to master. This guide provides a thorough overview of all the skills available in Palia. The skill system is a crucial aspect of the gameplay, enabling players to level up, explore, and become proficient in various skills. Players can progress through eight different skills as part of their daily routine.

Complete Guide to Skills in Palia

What skills can we use in Palia?

As a player in Palia, you can develop your skills in eight different areas, each offering a unique gaming experience. From furniture crafting and foraging to fishing and insect catching, there’s a lot to explore. In this guide, we’ll explain all the skills available and give you a glimpse of what to expect as you embark on your adventure into Palia.


If you’re interested in gardening and growing various crops and plants on your land, NPC Barduu can provide helpful guidance to get you started. Although it may seem like a straightforward skill, it still requires some strategy and planning to maximize your land’s potential. For a more comprehensive understanding of gardening, be sure to check out our Gardening Guide.

Palia Gardening


If you enjoy exploring deep caves and hilltops in search of valuable minerals, then the Mining Skill might be just what you’re looking for. With this skill, you can harvest raw minerals and refine them at forges, which can help you improve your tools and level up other skills. Be sure to check out the Mining Guide for more information.

Palia Mining


As you venture out, you’ll encounter numerous varieties of trees, plants, mushrooms, flowers, and other captivating and advantageous ingredients that grow in the wilderness. By collecting these items and processing their materials, you can enhance your other abilities. Foraging, like many skills in Palia, shares similarities. For instance, using wood to produce planks and adding mushrooms to dishes can be extremely beneficial. Make sure to check out our comprehensive Foraging guide for more information.

Palia Foraging


Looking for a relaxing skill? Fishing may be just what you need. While exploring different areas to find the best fishing spots, you can unwind and catch a variety of fish. Keep in mind that the types of fish you catch can vary depending on the location, time of day, and the type of bait you use. For more information check out our comprehensive Fishing Guide.

Palia Fishing


If you’re a thrill-seeker who enjoys exploring the wilderness and hunting pesky creatures, mastering these skills may be perfect for you. The resident expert of Hassian and Tau can assist you in hunting animals and collecting their valuable resources to level up. Make sure to visit our Hunting Guide to give yourself an advantage against the wildlife Palia has to offer.

Palia Hunting

Insect Catching

Palia is a great place for people interested in studying insects, as it has a wide variety of them. You can find everything from dragonflies and butterflies to rare and hard-to-find bugs. Learning about these interesting creatures can help you to overcome any fears you may have of insects, and you might even want to keep some as pets in a terrarium. Palia is a collector’s paradise, with an in-game encyclopedia to help you keep track of your bug collection. With some patience, stealth, and the help of our Insect Catching Guide, you can become a master bug hunter in no time.

Palia Insect Catching

Furniture Making

Looking to personalize your home in Palia? Look no further than Furniture Making! You can design your dream home with unique furnishings, paints, and wallpapers. As you improve your Furniture Making skills, new recipes will become available, allowing you to create even more customized spaces. Our helpful guide, with Tish‘s guidance, makes leveling up this skill a breeze. Plus, once your home is complete, invite your friends over to entertain in your perfect Palian dream home. Check out our Furniture Making guide for more information.

Palia Furniture Making


As an adventurer in Palai, you can gather the necessary resources for cooking by utilizing your core skills. During your exploration, you may come across rare ingredients that can be used to make exotic meals and impress your friends. With some practice on a stove and guidance from a master chef, you can quickly acquire the skills needed to set up your own kitchen and create delicious dishes. Take a look at our Cooking Skill guide for more information.

Palia Cooking

We hope you liked our Complete Guide to Skills in Palia. If you wish to check out more of our guides for Palia then why not check out our Gold Making Guide in Palia. If you have any Palia related questions feel free to ask them to our helpful staff on our Discord.




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