Palia Complete Fish Location Guide

Behold the Palia Complete Fish Location Guide, Palia is a cozy MMO for players who would like to experience a life full of adventure and magic!

Just like other RPGs there are a lot of things for you to do such as hunting cooking farming and after a hard day on the farm you can grab your fishing rod and head down to the fishing sites all across Kilima to catch some fish. You can earn a lot of gold with the fish you catch. Plus it’s just plain relaxing.

In this guide, we’ll go through the basics of fishing in Palia as well as how and where to get all the fish and more.

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Where can you learn to fish?

Einar, Palia Complete Fish Location Guide

You can easily learn fishing in Palia from Einar the Fishing Golem. Einar can often be found on the pier at his fishing hut in the bottom right side of Kilima. Einar requires very little sleep but he will sometimes be found in Einars cave on the middle right side of Kilima. Other than this Einar can sometimes be found roaming around Kilima seeing the sights and checking out new fishing spots. Find any fish you’d like with the Palia Complete Fish Location Guide.

Palia Complete Fish Location Guide

There are multiple fishing spots in Kilima and Bahari Bay, Check out our Map to learn more.

All Ponds (Both zones)

Palia Complete Fish Location Guide
Calico KoiNoneAll Day23Common
MudminnowNoneAll Day23Common
Cantankerous KoiNoneDay, Night50Uncommon
Kilima CatfishWormAll Day39Common
Orange BluegillWormAll Day39Common
Mirror CarpWormAll Day75Uncommon
Fairy CarpWormDawn, Dusk145Rare
Scarlet KoiGlow WormAll Day85Common
Mottled GobiGlow WormAll Day85Common
Stalking CatfishGlow WormDusk, Night125Ucommon
CloudfishGlow WormDawn, Day210Rare
Giant GoldfishGlow WormAll Day410Epic
SushiGlow WormAll DayRare

Kilima Village Rivers

Palia Complete Fish Location Guide
Silver SalmonNoneDusk, Night21Common
Spotted BullheadNoneAll Day21Common
Striped DaceNoneAll Day21Common
Channel CatfishNoneAll Day47Uncommon
Rainbow TroutNoneAll Day47Uncommon
Red-Bellied PiranhaWormAll Day35Common
Golden SalmonWormDawn, Day35Uncommon
Freshwater EelWormDawn, Night70Uncommon
SticklebackWormDawn, Day70Uncommon
Energized PiranhaWormAll Day135Rare
Radiant SunfishWormAll Day135Rare
Crucian CarpGlow WormAll Day80Common
Platinum ChadGlow WormAll Day80Common
Kilima GreylingGlow WormAll Day115Uncommon
Indigo LampreyGlow WormDusk, Night115Uncommon
Kenli’s CarpGlow WormAll Day205Rare
Flametongue RayGlow WormDawn, DayEpic

Kilima Village Lake

Fishing Palia
GillyfinNoneAll Day20Common
Largemouth BassWormAll Day33Common
Painted PerchWormAll Day33Common
Smallmouth BassWormAll Day33Common
Prism TroutWormDawn, Day60Uncommon
Striped SturgeonWormDusk, Night60Uncommon
ShimmerfinWormAll Day130Rare
Alligator GarGlow WormAll Day80Common
Beluga SturgeonGlow WormAll Day80Common
Enchanted PupfishGlow WormAll Day115Uncommon
Midnight PaddlefishGlow WormNight185Rare
Giant Kilima StingrayGlow WormDawn, DuskEpic
Ancient FishGlow WormAll Day 410Epic

Bahari Bay River

Rosy BitterlingNoneAll Day21Common
Silvery MinnowNoneAll Day21Common
Yellow PerchNoneAll Day21Common
Dawn RayNoneDawn47Uncommon
Sashimi RecipeNoneAll DayRecipe
Kilima RedfinWormAll Day35Common
Oily AnchovyWormAll Day35Common
Cutthroat TroutWormAll Day70Uncommon
PaddlefishWormDawn, Day, Dusk70Uncommon
Thundering EelWormAll Day135Rare
Willow LampreyWormNight135Rare
Bahari PikeGlow WormAll Day80Common
Fathead MinnowGlow WormAll Day80Common
ChubGlow WormAll Day115Uncommon
Honey LoachGlow WormDay, Night115Uncommon
StormrayGlow WormDawn, Dusk205Rare
Swordfin EelGlow WormAll DayEpic

Bahari Bay Coast

Bahari BassNoneAll Day23Common
SardineNoneAll Day23Common
BarracudaNoneDusk, Night50Uncommon
Bahari BreamWormAll Day39Common
Bluefin TunaWormAll Day39Common
Ribbontail RayWormDawn, Dusk75Uncommon
Blue MarlinWormAll Day145Rare
Fish Stew RecipeWormAll DayRecipe
Black Sea BassGlow WormAll Day85Common
Yellowfin TunaGlow WormAll Day85Common
Cactus MorayGlow WormDay, Night125Uncommon
Blue Spotted RayGlow WormDawn, Day, Dusk210Rare
Longnosed Unicorn FishGlow WormDay410Epic

Bahari Bay Caves

Palia Complete Fish Location Guide
Eyeless MinnowNoneAll Day20Common
Umbran CarpNoneAll Day47Uncommon
Albino EelWormAll Day35Common
Bat RayWormAll Day75Uncommon
Mutated AnglerWormAll Day145Rare
BlobfishGlow WormAll Day75Common
StonefishGlow WormAll Day80Common
Crimson FangtoothGlow WormAll Day115Uncommon
Hypnotic MorayGlow WormAll Day205Rare
VoidrayGlow WormAll Day375Epic

A huge thank you to Peepy for contributing to this Guide on our Discord!

Palia Complete Fish Location Guide

The Palia Complete Fish Location Guide is a work-in-progress, we will be updating this as we continue to play through the game!
If you found this helpful let us know on our community discord, Check out more guides for Palia here.


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