Where to get Leather in Palia

Where to get Leather in Palia

Where to get Leather in Palia? Don`t Worry! We are introducing our Palia Leather Guide! There are various ways where to get leather in Palia and this guide we will show you how to resupply the leather stocks that you will need for crafting, upgrading crafters, and for your future adventures!

This is the guide on where to get Leather in Palia.

What is Leather in Palia used for?

In Palia, leather is one of the valuable resources in crafting furniture, tools and crafters. It is one of the starter materials in the game that is valuable and indispensable. It is also one of the materials that you will be required to craft the Glider which Najuma will craft for you alongside other materials, The Glider lets you travel the world a lot easier and faster!

This is the guide on where to get Leather in Palia.

Buying Leather in Palia

Leather can be acquired from various locations. The first is in Kilima Village`s Furniture Shop which is owned by Tish. The leather costs 60 gold each and can be sold for 15 gold each. For those who do not want to spend their valuable money, Crafting is the other way to acquire leather. Scroll down for the complete guide!

This is the map on where to get Leather in Palia.

This is where the Kilima Village is located in the maps. 

This is the store on where to get Leather in Palia.

Upon entering the store, you will see a box on the counter. Here you need to open the Store to view the Materials. 

This is the store on where to get Leather in Palia.

Here are the different materials available in the store. As you can see, the Leather can be purchased for 60 gold and you can sell it for 15 gold.

Crafting Leather in Palia

Other than buying leather from the furniture shop, did you know that you can also craft leather by yourself? Yes, that is correct, but It is a longer method. One of the requirements to craft leather is by using the Loom on your plot. 

To construct a fabric loom, you will need to gain a Furnishing skill of level 2, 15 sapwood planks, 20 plant fibers, 2 copper bars and 5 Ceramic. Also the recipe for the loom from Tish costs 100 gold

Once you have access to the Loom, Crafting leather requires Sernuk Hides, which can be collected by hunting Sernuks. By using appropriate crafting stations or tools, you can transform these raw materials into usable leather. This method allows you to control your leather supply, but it may require investing in crafting skills and resources. It takes a while to complete the crafting process so you will need to wait patiently for it.

Other ways to get Leather in Palia

These are the other ways to get leather, One is by tilling your plot but it is unreliable since it is only based on luck and quite hard to earn leather that way. Another chance to get leather is by hunting Sernuks around Kilima Village or Bahari Bay. Though Sernuks in the area of Bahari are tougher. To do this, you might need specific skills, tools, or items to effectively hunt these creatures.

We hope that you find this guide useful for solving all of your leather resources problems. If you are having trouble playing Palia, we offer a complete guide to Palia for you! It’s time to craft and upgrade all of your furniture, tools, and other items in Palia!

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