Customizing Furniture in Palia

How to Customize and Color your Furniture in Palia

Make Your Home Uniquely Yours!

If you are one of those gamers that enjoy building and decorating your home then you will want to have a look at this guide. We will discuss how to customize and color your furniture in Palia so that you can design the best home for you.

Building and designing your own home lets you explore your creative side and make your perfect home by customizing and recoloring your Furniture in Palia.

Modification Bench for Furniture in Palia

To begin customizing and changing the color of your furniture in Palia, You have to purchase the recipe for the Modification Bench from Tish at the Furniture Making Guild Store at Level 4 Furniture Making. It costs 500 gold.

Purchasing Modification Bench for Furniture in Palia

After purchasing the recipe for the Modification Bench, you have to select it on your Worktable. It requires 20x Sapwood, 4x Copper Bar, 8x Ceramic, and 10x Leather. It is best to make sure you have gathered all these materials while out exploring so that you can build the Modification Bench.

Once built you can place the Modification Bench down and start using it.

Furniture Modification Kit

Aside from the Modification Bench, you also need a Modification Kit. You can purchase it with 100 gold in the Material Store.

Purchasing Furniture Modification Kit for Furniture in Palia

Customizing and Changing Color of Furniture in Palia

To customize and change the color of your furniture, be sure to pick up your desired furniture for it to be in your inventory. Open your Modification Bench, and select the furniture you want and your preferred color. Then, click Apply Modification.

Customizing and Changing Color of Furniture in Palia

You can now put down your more stylish, colorful, and aesthetic furniture around your house!

You are now a certified interior designer! Explore and go on adventures! Craft more furniture and be creative! Now, you can create a home where you feel like you belong!

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