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Everything you need to know about Tish

An artist in her own right, Tish is a master of furniture crafting. Tish sells the furniture she makes, as well as leads the Furniture Crafting Guild. She’s always a bright face to speak with if you’re ever in need of help.


Tish’s Map Location

Tish map

Tish can often be found in her store, right in the heart of Kilima. Tish can be in her shop or at Jel’s Fashion store during nighttime.


Tish is the local Furniture Maker, your one-stop shop for everything related to Furniture. Tish will teach you how to craft Furniture and will sell you new and exciting floorings, wallpapers, storage box recipes and more! Palia features tons of different Furniture and other house customization options.

Friendship and Romance

All villagers, like Tish, can receive gifts each day, and each villager will also have a specific item they’re looking for that week. They may tell you themselves what they’d like, or you may hear it from their friends! You should check in often to speak with villagers and share your cooking or collection with your friends.

Many villagers in Kilima(and beyond) such as Tish are open and available for something deeper than friendship. In Kilima, it is custom to give a pin to your lover to symbolize your love and devotion to each other. Who knows? Maybe if you get to know someone long enough, you may find yourself falling for them. Or, you may fall for multiple people – in Palia it’s common and accepted to have multiple love interests or lovers.

Tish’s Furniture Store

Tish’s Furniture Store can be found between Zeki’s General Store and the Library.

Furniture store



Furniture is sold in Tish’s Furniture store, which gives you a wide variety of items to choose from. The furniture being sold here changes every day so buy them while stocks last!

Furniture Material Store

Tish sells a variety of Recipes, kits, resources, tiles, and floorings to make your house more beautiful and cozy than it can be.

ImageDescriptionCostCrafting Cost
Furniture Modification Kit
“Use these modification kits with the modification
Bench to customize your furniture.”
Cost: 100 GoldN/A
“A sernuk hide that has been tanned into smooth leather.”
Cost: 60
“A hardy sheet of cotton fabric.”
Cost: 190 GoldN/A
“A smooth sheet of silk woven from raw thread.
Cost: 145 GoldN/A
Bahari Estate Wallpaper
“A time-honored pattern that can be found on the Bahari family properties. You, too, can feel like a magistrate!”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Zeki’s General Store Wallpaper
“For the innovators out there who like Grimalkin technology and aesthetics. Use the same wallpaper as Zeki!”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
I’m Rather Cross Wallpaper
“An eye-catching wallpaper with a geometric pattern. It might leave you seeing cross-eyed.
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
A little Jaded Tile Wall
“Tile your wall with translucent stone. Hopefully you won’t get bored of seeing them everywhere.”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Country Comforts Wallpaper
“The farmhouse-style trim gives this wallpaper a feeling warm as apple pie in winter.”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Natural Wood Paneling
“Behind every wall is a series of wooden planks. So classic that you don’t even need wallpaper.
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Stained Wood Paneling
“Make your siding more exciting with a bit more paint. That way no one can tell what wood you used.
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Moss Listello Tile Wall
“You’ll feel like you’re on a winding, mossy, path with this tile border winding around your room.”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Pastoral Breadboard
“Add idyllic charm to your room with wood panels that have been painted to match the colors of the country side.
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Marble Wainscotting
“If a marble wall is too expensive, install marble wainscotting. Then you only need to do half.
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Starry Night Wallpaper
“Play connect-the-dots with the starry wallpaper and create your own, new constellations!
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Waves of water Windows
“The architect of these stained glass windows made them for a friend who loved the ocean but couldn’t swim.”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Waves of Water Wallpaper
“Don’t be scared of this watery wallpaper. This wave of waves just want to say hello!”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Gypsum Flagstone Wall
“These flagstones were definitely specifically cut for this wall and not just broken pieces of a failure status.”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Cooling Rustic Siding
“If your house feels too warm, just paint it in cool colors. That’s how color temperature works, right?”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Basket Weave Wood Floor
“If you’re kind of a square, maybe you’ll like this flooring where planks are laid out in a basketweave pattern.”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Horizontal Wood Floor
“Basic wooden flooring that is excellent for sliding on in socks. Or very, very, sweaty bare feet.”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
City Hall Tile Floor
“Marble tiles just like the one in Kilima City Hall. But how do the keep theirs so clean?”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Apothecary Stone Floor
“This natural stone flooring stays cool in the heat of summer. But you might want slippers during cooler months.”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Reclaimed Wood Floor
“Waste not with this flooring of reclaimed wood. Just be wary of splinters At least it’s inexpensive.”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Library Parquet Floor
“Multiple types of wood are used to make this flooring’s pattern, which is inspired by the Kilima town library.”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Gold Manor Tile Floor
“This marble and gold tile will make your floor into rival the capital palaces even if the rest of your house doesn’t.”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Blue Madder Tile Floor
“The floral design on these stone tiles will make you feel like you’re living in a country cottage.”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Sienna Cubed Tile Floor
“Test your guests perception with this optical illusion floor. is it diamond tiles or cube tiles?”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Brass Brick Floor
“Usually bricks are made of stone, but these are made of brass. How Intriguing!”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Sunny Majiri Tile Floor
“These ceramic tiles are decorated with popular majiri symbols. But what do they even mean?”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Brass Furnace Tile Floor
“These tough tiles can take a beating from any kind of shoe. Note, non-shoe like jackhammers void warranty.”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Sandstone Swirl Tile Floor
“Feel the heat with these tiles made from rare, sedimentary rock mined in a faraway desert.”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Golden Ripple Tile Floor
“Get lost in the soothing waves of the psychedelic floor pattern. It’s like the ocean, but shinier!”
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Hexagonal Mixed Floor
“Can’t decide between wood or tile? This flooring incorporates both in an innovative, hexagonal pattern
Cost: 2500 GoldN/A
Recipe: Lockbox Storage Bin
“A special chest for secure item storage, so they will not be used for crafting. Holds up to 100 items.”
Cost: 1000 Gold10 Sapwood Plank
2 Copper Bar
Recipe: Copper Storage bin
“A decently-sized, standard, chest for storing up to 825 items.”
Cost: 25,000 Gold1 Wooden Storage bin
30 Sapwood Plank
4 Copper Bar
Recipe: Iron Storage Bin
“A very large, fine, chest for storing up to 1,250 items.”
Cost: 100,000 Gold1 Copper Storage Bin
30 Heartwood Plank
4 Iron Bar

Tish Chat

This is a work-in-progress guide for Tish, we will be updating this as we continue to play through the game!

If you found this guide for Tish helpful let us know on our community discord, Check out more guides for Palia here.


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