Where to find Zeki’s Machine in Palia

You may wonder where Zeki’s Machine is, so you can finally spend that lucky coin. We have put together a short and simple guide on everything you need to know about the lucky coins and spending them!

Where to find Zeki's Machine in Palia

How to get Lucky Coins

Lucky coins are an item you can receive in-game which you can use to spend on Zeki’s Machine and have a chance to get a randomised item out of it. Very similar to a kids gumball machine. 

There are two ways of obtaining these Lucky coins. The main and common way is to just casually progress through the game and you will get letters in the mail box from Zeki, who will thank you for your patronage and send them to you.

Where to find Zeki's Machine in Palia

The other way to get these lucky coins is by progressing through the game and getting the chance to unlock a special location called the “Black Market.” Although this is great, they are extremely expensive.

We do not think this is worth the cost, but if you wish to pay the price, then we would recommend checking out our Gold Making Guide. So you can start purchasing them from the Black Market.

If you wish to locate the black market, then you click our Black Market guide.

Where to find Zeki’s Machine

After obtaining a Lucky Coin or two. Head towards the General store in the middle of Killima. This is located in between the Tailoring store and the Furniture store. Walk up the stairs and enter the store.

You will see a machine on the counter top. Walk up towards it and press the action button. It will then put your coin inside the machine and give you a Lucky Box, then you can open up your inventory and open it up. Good luck! We hope you get something lucky! We obtained 5 fireworks in our box. 

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