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Once Human has entered its 3rd CBT (Closed Beta Access) with over 150,000 people participating in it. With the previous CBT ending roughly 3 months ago, the devs have made quite a few changes throughout the game, including lootable chests, redesigning some areas and Elite mob locations.

Silos play an important role in Once Human as they not only unlock Cradle slots but they drop weapon and armor mods that you are able to target farm. Securement Silo PSI was the silo I least enjoyed doing. This is mainly because of the boss of the silo and how it works. Securement Silo PSI requires a minimum level of 45 and is the fifth of six silos.

I did Securement Silo PSI with the SCAR and AWM as a secondary. The SCAR does great lightning damage with Power Surge making it a lot easier to eliminate the enemies quickly. The AWM is useful to take out enemies before they see you from range. I found running this silo as a solo player challenging but not too hard on Normal and Hard difficulty.

Securement Silo PSI can be found in the Red Sands zone South of the Forsaken Monolith.

Normal Difficulty

When you spawn into Securement Silo PSI you will be on a little walkway. You will need to drop down by following the eye markers on the walls. Once you get to the bottom you will need to follow the corridor. You will encounter a mob at the end of this tunnel.

First Room

After taking out the mob at the end of the corridor you will enter the first room. This room looks like a reception area and has a few mobs that you need to take care of. Eliminate the mobs and loot the area. Proceed up the stairs towards the second room of Securement Silo PSI.

Second Room

The second room is much larger than the first and has multiple mobs in it. Proceed carefully as to not get overwhelmed by all the enemies. You want to try and take out the snipers as quickly as possible as they deal a lot of damage. Once you have eliminated a couple of mobs, a new set of mobs will spawn, bringing with them an elite! Use your high ground position to your advantage and take them out.

Now that all the enemies are taken care of, proceed up the stairs and loot the crate with the shining purple light on it. This will have an Access Card that you need to open the door behind you.

Waterfall Area

After the door has been opened with your newly acquired access card, move down the corridor to where the waterfall is. There are a few enemies throughout this area so make sure to not rush into it. Carefully take out the enemies as you move down the walkway.

What I found very useful was using my AWM to take out the enemies from range. That way I was at very little risk of being shot at. Loot all the crates and loose items you come across and move into the fourth room.

Fourth Room

The fourth room is the largest room of them all. It has quite a few mobs in it and spawns in more as you eliminate the enemies. Play around the cover upstairs to make things easier for you and to make the mobs move to you. This way you have more control over the fight.

Be careful of the elite that spawns in the room. He does a lot of damage if he gets close to you. Keep your distance and take him and his goons out.

There is a lot of loot lying around in the fourth room of Securement Silo PSI. Make sure to check every corner and loot every crate and bag. Make your way through the kitchen area and into the storage room. There will be a few mobs to take out here. Loot the armor crate and any other items lying around. Once you have gone through the access doors you can go left or right. Left is towards the boss and right is just an extra loot crate.

Time your rolls through the lasers if you decide to go right. Once you get to the top you can turn the lasers off and loot the armor crate.

Go back down and blow the door on your right open. This is a secret room with some loot in it. Make your way out and time your rolls through the next set of lasers. Once you open the doors you will enter the boss room.


The boss of this silo is by far my least favorite boss to fight. He has a ton of health and takes forever to kill. Everything else that you need to do is very fun though. The boss is called “Fridge” and it is a literal fridge. You will notice 4 electric pipes coming from him leading to 4 different locations in the room. Each location contains a generator that you need to destroy so that you can bring Fridge down.

In the room will be frozen Rosetta units. These units will unfreeze each time you destroy a generator. The best way to do this is to destroy a generator and then take care of any unfrozen units before destroying the next generator. Be cautious though, as the Fridge will continuously shoot frozen projectiles at you and drop ice from the roof that deals huge damage.

To destroy the generator you will need to remove the black barrier protecting it first. To do this you need to look for an ice spike as shown below and throw it at the black barrier. This will freeze the barrier causing it to explode. You can then proceed to shoot the generator and destroy it. You will need to repeat this process 4 times. Each time taking out the units that unfreeze. Once this is done you can take out the elite and then kill Fridge!

You have defeated Fridge and completed Securement Silo PSI!

Normal Difficulty Video Walkthrough

Hard Difficulty

For every silo, there are multiple difficulties. Each difficulty adds different elements to it making it more of a challenge. The silo itself does not change, but the amount of mobs and the difficulty of them increases. Hard difficulty increases the mobs level to level 50 making them tankier and do more damage. It also brings in a variety of mobs as well as adding slight differences to the bosses. Another difference is that there are mutations added to the silos with Hard and Master Difficulty. The mutations change from time to time giving you a different experience each time you do it.

Securement Silo PSI is one of the few Silos that only have increased health and damage on the mobs as well as a few extra mobs in some of the rooms. Because there is only one boss in this silo you would expect that there would be different mechanics for it. Unfortunately, there is no difference besides 4-5 extra mobs. You still do the same mechanics and the boss still does the same attacks. Hopefully, this will change in the future!

Hard Difficulty Video Walkthrough

Master Difficulty

Unfortunately, I was unable to record the Master Difficulty Securement Silo PSI as the elite in the boss room was impossible to kill. Much like the hard difficulty, the Master Difficulty was more challenging but there was no mechanic changes to the silo. I lost A LOT of durability on my weapons and armor doing this on Master Difficulty and did not get much reward for it. Doing this in a group could prove beneficial but my hope is that they will improve the silos, especially with the harder difficulties.

All in all the Master Difficulty silos I feel would only be worth farming as a group unless you have found a really powerful build that can take down mobs fast. While you do get a guaranteed epic roll on your legendary mods, the amount of resources you end up using is just not worth it as a solo player.

Securement Silo PSI Conclusion

As I stated in the beginning, I do not enjoy this silo as much as the others, but it is possible to do as a solo player if you take your time and focus up. Silos are great places to farm weapon and armor mods as well as mats for weapon, armor, and base upgrades. Securement Silo PSI is the fifth out of six silos that Once Human currently has and plays an important role when looking for certain mods. You can target farm Mask and Pants mods in this silo.

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