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How to Participate in Pokemon Tournaments and Competitive Play

Playing the Pokémon TCG can be a great deal of fun, be it with friends, family or even just collecting. But for those with a competitive itch to scratch, you may be wondering – how do I register for Pokémon events? Providing that you attend with a valid 60-card deck, you are almost ready to participate! Lets see how to participate!

Players wishing to play Pokémon competitively need to only follow a few important steps. Once you have followed these steps – you will know how to participate in Play! Pokémon competitive play across the globe!

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How do I get a Play! Pokémon Player ID?

If you are wondering how do you get a Play! Pokémon ID? Then you have come to the right place! Having a Pokémon ID is by far the most crucial component to registering and competing as a trainer. As a result, to create a Pokémon Player ID – you must head to the official site itself.

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As seen above, head to the log-in button on the official website, and proceed to create an account. Once you have finished the account creation process, head to “Play! Pokémon Settings”.

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Secondly, after selecting the Play! Pokémon Settings tab, you’ll be met with several checkboxes that require your consent. This consent will grant you eligibility to participate and receive prizes such as cash and more! Finally, once you can see that you have checked these boxes, input the correct details required – you will be able to see your Player ID! Make sure to note this ID down and keep it with you. As a result of having an ID; it is mandatory to input your ID when registering for any Play! Pokémon event.

Now you have your official Play! Pokémon account set-up and a Player ID issued to you, the next question is – where do I register for a Pokémon Tournament? Or perhaps how do I register for Pokémon events? Fortunately the Pokémon TCG has a great middle-man system for this! The best way and most usual way to register for Pokémon events, is through RK9 Labs and having an up-to-date RK9 Labs account.

How do I make an RK9 Labs account?

Making an RK9 Labs account is a simple process, but easy to miss out on at times. Head over to and click on the “sign-in”, using your e-mail address to complete the process. Be aware that RK9 Labs uses Google Accounts for authentication, as a result, make sure you have an e-mail address that is connected to your Google Account.

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Head to the top-right of the page, clicking on the e-mail address that shows there. After doing so, you’ll have to fill out some important details. Please be aware that these details must be accurate, such as your birthday etc. Secondly, after filling out the required information, you will need to head to the Play! Pokémon Profile page.

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In the Play! Pokémon Profile settings page, you’re required to fill out information such as your name and Player ID that we previously obtained via the Play! Pokémon website. This is crucial for competitive play, as you will not be able to successfully sign up for Pokémon tournaments without the correct information. Now that this section is out of the way – you have successfully set-up up the required accounts to register for competitive play!

How do I register for a Pokémon Tournament?

Although we have set-up our accounts, you may be wondering; how do I register for a Pokémon tournament? Using the RK9 platform, head to the “Events and Tournaments” tab at the top of the page, and then select “Pokémon Events” from the drop down menu. Here you will see various upcoming tournaments to choose from!

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Secondly, after finding the event you wish to register for, on the far right of the page you can find the category you wish to participate in. In this guide however, select “TCG” and head to the next page.

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Heading to the event page you’re met with competitive play information regarding the tournament. As long as your information is correct, you can hit the “go to registration” button and move on to the final step!

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Finally, to participate in a Pokémon tournament, you are required to check a few final boxes. The first is the Play! Pokémon COVID-19 Protocols. This is just a quick check to say you are aware and agree to following any rules currently in place. Also, you are required to accept that you will potentially appear in video footage or photographic images from the event you attend. As a result of playing a tournament that is live streamed, you may find yourself playing for the live stream audience!

Last but not least, is a final check box accepting all general terms and conditions. Once this is done – head to the payment page and you are done!

Hopefully we have answered your questions to the best of our ability and you now know how to participate in Pokémon events and tournaments. If you didn’t know answers to questions such as – how do I register for Pokémon events? The answers above such as signing up to Play Pokémon for your Player ID and creating your RK9 Labs account should solve any issue you may face!

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