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What is the Pokemon TCG? New Trainers Start to the Pokemon Adventure

What is the Pokemon TCG? The Pokémon Trading Card Game is a strategy-based card game designed to emulate the classic feel of the Pokémon video games, while maintaining it’s own style.

Both players, also known as “trainers” will battle each other in a two-player battle with 60-card decks of their own custom design! Much like the video game however, each player has one Pokémon in their respective active spot each, with up to 5 Pokémon on their bench – ready to be sent out after a knock-out or retreat! The aim of the game is to take 6 “Prize Cards”, this is achieved by knocking out your opponents Pokémon. Once a player has taken 6 of their prize cards, the game is over and that player is the winner!

Pokémon Trading Card Game History

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The Pokémon Trading Card Game (also known as the PTCG), was developed by Creatures Inc, based on the Pokémon Franchise. PTCG was then first published in Japan by Media Factory in 1996, meanwhile being published by Wizards of the Coast. During 2003, Nintendo transferred all publishing rights to The Pokémon Company from the previous publishers WOTC. The game has sold well over 43 billion cards worldwide.


Sets in the TCG are essentially expansions of the card game, allowing it to continue progressing mechanics, fresh ideas and newer Pokémon! With the latest set – Scarlet & Violet being released already in Japan and soon into the west, this marks the 95th expansion set released in English. Sets will typically be created in a specific way that allows the eventually rotation of a block of cards each year from the competitive format. However this does not stop people playing at home or collecting or playing the Expanded Format!

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A lot of people in the Pokémon world do not even wish to play the game(s), much rather, they’d prefer to collect instead! After all, you’ve “gotta catch ’em all!”. Pokémon cards are sold at many stores across the globe and in various product forms. For example, booster packs, pre-constructed decks and promo sets – and more! Some Pokémon cards are more collectable than others. This is mainly due to the rarity system, being able to get cards ranging from “common” to “ultra rare” or even “secret rare” cards means that collectors can chase very sought after cards!

It should be mentioned too that depending on the condition of the card(s) and their rarity and popularity, collectors can get their card(s) “graded” by official graders, such as PSA. This can boost the value of any card in the Trading Card Game tremendously if highly rated!

Competitive Play

As previously mentioned, there are casual enjoyers of the Pokémon franchise and Trading Card Game, some are collectors and so on. However, there is an option for those that wish to become a Pokémon master – the organized Play! Pokémon. Play! Pokémon allows players to battle each other in officially sanctioned tournaments and events, earning points, promotional booster packs and other prizes – even cash. To participate in the competitive pro circuit, there is a sign-up process across a few platforms to be eligible for play.

The aim of the competitive circuit is to compete, enjoy and win prizes – all while enjoying the adventure. Players obtain CP (Championship Points) in an attempt to reach a World Championship invite, a tournament where only the best can prove their worth! Tournaments are run at a local level in official stores, all the way up to massive venues all across the world!

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Online Trading Card Game

Alternatively to the physical Pokémon Trading Card Game, there is a couple of online options! However, one of the two options will soon be phased out – namely PTCGO (Pokémon Trading Card Game Online). This is in favor of shifting the platform entirely onto their newer client, PTCGL (Pokémon Trading Card Game Live), which boasts a mobile-friendly experience. Much like the real life card game, players can collect, unlock new cards, build decks and play against other plays across the globe!

Additionally, this can be done from the comfort of your own home on a PC, or anywhere with your mobile providing you have internet access! Playing online can give players a helpful hand at learning and practicing or even testing for a professional event. As a result of simply being able to find Pokémon matches on demand, there will never be a moment where you cannot battle!

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For information on how to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game, click here.


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