Tomb Raider 3 1998

Tomb Raider 3 1998, also known as Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft, was published by Eidos Interactive and developed by Core Design. It was the third game of the series that was released.

It follows the journey of Lara Croft on the hunt for the Infada Artifact after hearing rumours about this. Later on, Lara discovers that it is 1 of 4 artifacts. She also discovers that there are others around the globe and each one contains a hidden power.

Once on this journey to retrieve all the artifacts, she also gains information that having all four combined in a cavern deep below the surface, it will create power to rapidly speed up human evolution. 

Tomb Raider 3 Levels

Training Level

Lara’s Home is a level you can play straight from the main menu. It is classed as a training level, which allows you to practice your jumps on an assault training course.

There are also some extra things to do compared to Tomb Raider 2, such as finding the quad bike key, so you can drive it around a timed track or get the pistols and shoot at Winston!

Level 0: Lara’s Home


Tomb Raider 3 starts in India. This all starts from hearing about the mysterious artifact when Lara was on her travels for the Dagger of Xian, the “Infada Artifact.” You as the player, will have to venture through the jungles and swamp terrain to find this artifact.

Level 1: Jungle

Level 2: Temple Ruins

Level 3: The River Ganges

Level 4: Caves of Kaliya

Lara finally finds and collects the Infada Artifact, she encounters Dr Willard, who tells her about the tale of the HMS Beagle and the locations of the remaining artifacts.

Lara offers to help and this is where the player can pick between what destination they want to go first. This includes the South Pacific, London and Nevada. 

Credit to “Stella’s Tomb Raider Site”

South Pacific

If you pick South Pacific, Lara Croft goes through a coastal village and discovers a guy in a treehouse. He is an Air Force crew member and his plane crash landed. He makes Lara aware that he was taken by a cannibalistic tribe who have eaten his leg. 

Credit to “AtlasBlizzard”

Once Lara gets to the crash site, she discovers other members of the Air Force and helps them and discovers a pathway to the tribal shrine.

When entering the shrine, a tribesman mentions to her that the artifact “The Ora Dagger” is now in possession of the chief tribesman called Puna. He is located in his own temple up in the hills.

Credit to “AtlasBlizzard”

Level 5: Coastal Village

Level 6: Crash Site

Level 7: Madubu Gorge

Level 8: Temple of Puna

After Lara has been through the Temple of Puna, you will have to defeat the Chief of the tribe, Puna. After that, you’ll notice he drops the Ora Dagger artifact. Lara then heads out of the South Pacific and you get to decide if you wish to do Nevada or London for another artifact.


If you pick Nevada, Lara starts in a desert canyon and climbs the terrain to notice a stealth fighter jet flying past.

She comes across a high security compound that she breaks into by driving a quad bike over the fence. Sadly, Lara Croft loses consciousness and wakes up trapped in a prison compound. Losing all her weapons.

Credit to “Stella’s Tomb Raider Site”

Waking up in the prison cell, Lara Croft manages to get some help from the other prisoners, Lara manages to break free and find her guns and equipment, but she also notices a truck taking goods to Area 51, so she hitches a ride and turns up at Area 51, where she suspects the artifact will be.

Credit to “Stella’s Tomb Raider Site”

Arriving at Area 51 and looking around the crazy discoveries that are trapped in the compound. Lara sees many different things, such as a autopsy room with a dead alien, an Orca swimming in a containment tank and even a UFO.

You, as the player, will have to check all of these rooms until you discover that you can gain access to the UFO. Once climbing inside this, you’ll discover another artifact called the “Element 115”.

Level 9: Nevada Desert

Level 10: High Security Compound

Level 11: Area 51

Now gaining 3 out of 4 artifacts, you can head to the final location for the last one, London.


Lara Croft starts in Thames Whalf, on the hunt for the Eye of Isis. Once reaching a Cathedral, a mercenary tries to kill her. He mentions that he works for someone called Sophia Leigh, who is in possession of the artifact and the CEO of a cosmetics corporation.

Credit to “AtlasBlizzard”

After the cutscene, you end up in an abandoned subway station, Aldwych. You come across several members of a gang called “The Damned.” They are people that were used by Sophia Leigh as test subjects for her personal gain to try and achieve immortality and eternal youth.

Lara Croft meets the Damned leader, Bob. He offers to help Lara if she can get him a bottle of embalming fluid from the Natural History Museum.

Credit to “AtlasBlizzard”

Finally, getting the embalming fluid for Bob. Lara climbs through a ventilation shaft to Sophia Leighs office and ends up asking her for the artifact, but Sophia finds it funny and tells Lara she can have a job for her beauty products. Sophia refuses to give up the Eye of Isis and runs out of the office onto the balcony.

Credit to “Croft Generation”

This is where a boss fight takes place. Lara has to chase Sophia and climb up the building, while Sophia is using the power of the artifact and shooting electric bolts at Lara Croft.

After the boss fight and gaining the final artifact from Sophia Leigh. Lara goes to Antarctica where Dr Willard said he would meet her after she gets all the artifacts. 

Level 12: Thames Whalf

Level 13: Aldwych

Level 14: Lud’s Gate

Level 15: City


Once, getting all the artifacts, Lara heads towards Antarctica in a helicopter. Sadly, the weather causes the helicopter to crash and plummet into the ice water and, thankfully, Lara is able to escape. 

Credit to “Stella’s Tomb Raider Site”

After escaping, Lara heads to the RX Tech Mines to find Willard. She comes across a massive abandoned ship called the RX Explorer and has to use the life boat from this to proceed further on.

Managing to do this and fighting the cold off, Mark Willard finally appears in a cabin eating his food and talking to Lara. Willard announces what he is going to do with the artifacts, such as accelerating mutations on a mass scale thanks to the power of the artifacts combined together.

Willard betrays Lara and steals the artifacts and runs off to the deep mines of the excavation site.

Credit to “Stella’s Tomb Raider Site”

After chasing Willard and going down to the excavation site, Lara discovers a lost city called Tinnos. Navigating through this danger zone due to it being so old and untouched, she finally sees the cavern that the metorite created.

She notices Willard, who has now used the power of the 4 artifacts. This has made Willard evolve into a Spider-looking creature thanks to the rapidly accelerating evolutionary power they contain. Lara has to run around the Cavern and extract the artifacts to make Willard weaker to be able to defeat him. 

Level 16: Antarctica

Level 17: RX-Tech Mines

Level 18: Lost City of Tinnos

Level 19: Meteorite Cavern

Once you achieve this, you manage to do this, you will have to climb and escape from the Metoerite Cavern. Lara comes across a pilot in a helicopter, which you will see her shooting him and taking off with the rare artifacts and the credits roll for the end of the game.

Credit to “Tomb0Raider0Universe”


London: All Hallows is a bonus level that can be accessed in Tomb Raider 3. You can only play this level if you manage to find every secret in the game. It was meant to be in the main story line between Thames Wharf and Aldwych levels, but it was sadly cut from the main game due to difficulty.

Level 20: All Hallows

Tomb Raider 3

Tomb Raider 3 Characters

  • Lara Croft – main character and on the hunt for the 4 meteorite artifacts.
  • Winston – Lara Croft’s butler.
  • Dr. Mark Willard – head of R.X.Tech and hirers Lara for the artifacts.
  • Tony – Crazy R.X.Tech researcher.
  • Puna – The Chief of the tribe of the cannibals and carries one of the artifacts.
  • Sophia Leigh- Head of a cosmetics corporation and carries one of the artifacts.
  • Bob – The leader of the Damned gang and one of Sophia Leigh’s former experiments.
  • John – Sophia Leigh’s hitman/ mercenary.
  • Commander Bishop – A commander in the Australian army.
  • Lieutenant Tuckerman – A lieutenant in the Australian army.
  • Randy – An R.X.Tech employee stationed in India.
  • Rory – An R.X.Tech employee stationed in India.
  • Billy – An R.X.Tech employee.
  • Stephen Barr – One of Charles Darwin’s sailors. He returned to England with the Eye of Isis.
  • Paul Caulfield – One of Charles Darwin’s sailors. He was killed in Antarctica by a wolf.
  • Smythe – One of Charles Darwin’s sailors. He went to the South Pacific with the Ora Dagger.
  • Henderson – One of Charles Darwin’s sailors.
  • Jonson – One of Charles Darwin’s sailors.
  • Mauki – One of the Polynesians who was born mutated by the power of the meteorite artifacts.
Tomb Raider 3

Tomb Raider 3 Expansions/DLC

Tomb Raider 3 has an expansion called “The Lost Artifact.” It is an expansion pack of extra levels. It was released (200), which was 2 years after the original Tomb Raider 3. These can still be played today on the PC. Thanks to patches and the TR community.

The DLC gives you 6 additional levels and is set straight after Tomb Raider 3, Lara discovers that there is another artifact, a Fifth. It is held at Doctor Willard’s Loch Ness estate. Lara also learns that another person is after the artifact, unsure of who it is. Lara heads to Scotland in order to procure the Fifth Meteorite artifact.


Highland Fling

Willard’s Lair

Channel Tunnel (Dover)

Shakespeare Cliff

Sleeping with the Fishes

Paris, France

It’s a Madhouse!


Tomb Raider 3 and Lost Artifact Cheat Codes

All Weapons

Draw your guns. Hold the Walk button and press backwards once, one step forward, crouch, release crouch, turn around three times in either direction and immediately back flip.

Level Skip

Draw your guns. Hold The Walk button and press backwards once, one step forward, crouch, release crouch, turn around three times in either direction and jump forward.

Soon to come there will be another Tomb Raider game, thanks to Amazon announcing that a new game is in development, so please be sure to check out for this!


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