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ARK 2 Release Date

Our team is a major fan of ARK Survival Evolved and we want to know ARK 2 release date as much as you do! So we are counting down the days for the anticipated game of ARK 2!

Since The Game Awards 2020 announced the first trailer, we are excited to see how the upcoming prehistoric survival game turns out.

Studio Wildcard who are the development team for ARK have said there will be some postpones on the release date due to wanting to ‘create an adventure that will be unforgettable for everyone’.


They have also realised the potential of upgrading to Unreal Engine 5 so this will mean lots of changes but overall a better experience and game for us all.

ARK Survival Evolved has been known to be one of the best survival games to this date. So they have a high bar to compete with for ARK 2.


When is ARK 2 Release Date?

Sadly, ARK 2 was announced to be released in 2022, but then Studio Wildcard released a cinematic trailer at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase 2022 and it showed us the release date to be 2023.

There is no confirmation of an actual date except 2023. This means it could drop any moment, although we have not seen any gameplay trailers, so we highly doubt it will be any time soon.

Our team suspect from the progress of this game, it will be extremely late 2023 or maybe even 2024.

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