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What Engine will ARK 2 be on?

As we all know from the previous game, ARK Survival Evolved, everyone is curious to know what engine ARK 2 will be on?

This is because of many problems that fans face, via the official servers, due to so much population in the zones, which would cause lag issues and big freezes for players when the automatic server saves come in.

ARK Survival Evolved was using Unreal Engine 4, which is an extremely popular engine to this date. But it can face problems for game developers. ARK 2 was being built on Unreal Engine 4 until Studio Wildcard recently discovered the huge benefits of Unreal Engine 5 in June 2022. 

What Engine will ARK 2 be on?

What Engine will ARK 2 be on?

ARK 2 has been postponed to some time in 2023 due to Studio Wildcard, who are the development team. They have discovered that switching to Unreal Engine 5 is for the best. This is because of many bonuses, such as faster game development for the team, thanks to the ease of access to the tools.

Overall using UE5, it is a better experience for players, such as high quality textures, models and yes! Big optimisation for all users, thanks to how UE5 processes all the data.

What Engine will ARK 2 be on?

This will be interesting for all console players as well as PC users. Expect big changes from ARK Survival Evolved to ARK 2, thanks to Unreal Engine 5. Although we have yet to see gameplay, we are certain when gameplay releases, it will be extremely good.

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