Ark 2 FAQ – What you should know and why you should be excited?

So What is ark 2 and why is it a game to be excited for?

Ark 2 is a Sandbox survival mmo that places you in the living breathing world of dinosaurs, With a healthy focus on both PvE and PvP interactions. As Ark 2 is based on the first game – Ark: Survival Evolved – It will likely have a good amount of content from release, with the addition of DLC’s at a later date.

Will Ark 2 have DLC?

Most certainly. If Ark 2’s Predecessor has told us anything its that Studio Wildcard are very fond of DLC releases. With a couple free releases, and multiple paid DLC’s they had a good balance between the two types of DLC. We imagine these DLCs’s will come in the form of a new map, Dinosaurs and new Engrams (Arks version of technology unlocks).

What is the Ark 2 release date?

Whilst currently unconfirmed Ark 2 release date is set to be in 2023 some time, after being pushed back from 2022’s release date. Whilst this was sad news for a whole host of people waiting for the game, we can only hope that it will mean a lower bug count on release and a better game overall. Though I hope that Ark releases in Q4 of 2023 i feel it could be pushed back further due to a lack of real updates coming from the studio about a potential release.

Will Ark 2 be a clone of Ark: Survival Evolved?

No, At least not from what we have heard from studio Wildcard. With a new combat system in place, which boasts of Souls-like combat. Along side this new combat system we have been given a whole new crafting and modding system that will allow for millions of combinations of weapons according to Studio Wildcard themselves, This in itself is exciting and could offer some wildly different experiences for PvP. Another change we at MMO-Wiki are excited about is the Developer pushing towards more realistic dinosaurs, As you will see below they are starting to push toward the idea of a lot of the main dinosaurs having feathers. ie the T-rex and Velocoraptor.

What does Ark 2’s Souls-like combat system mean? Will it be fun?

If Souls games are anything to go by the combat will be amazing. It will offer a wide variety of content due to no fight being the same. Whilst offering a magnitude of move sets and ways of fighting. This system at its core allows players to lock on, block, parry, roll and hopefully adds an ability to each weapon or allows you to customize abilities. All this also comes with the game now only being third person which seems like an interesting decision as it might have a negative impact on the ranged combat that was big in the original game. We will have to see how they deal with ranged combat – As i hope it doesn’t use a lock on system for ranged combat as that will ruin the skill of aiming.

Will Ark 2 be on game pass?

According to Xbox Ark 2 will be on Game Pass day 1 of release, which is fantastic news for those with Game pass. Hopefully the cross platform modding will work through both the game pass app and steam workshop!

What platforms will Ark 2 Be on?

Ark 2 will be released on Xbox series x/s and windows 10/11 – The minimum specs for Ark 2 on PC seem to be; Intel i5-7th gen, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 and 8GB of Ram. Though the recommended specs come in way higher than this at i7-6th gen, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, 16GB of Ram. Whilst these specs don’t seem very high, Any veteran players of Ark: Survival Evolved will tell you that some of the better spec computers would struggle with when people had big bases filled with dinosaurs. Fingers crossed those issues are resolved with good optimization.

Will Unofficial servers work the same as Ark: Survival Evolved?

From what we can tell, Ark 2 will work the same when it comes to servers, There will be the official servers with standard rates and big tribes that can switch between the servers. These will be split into PvE and PvP, these will most likely be for the more hardcore of the fan-base, who have lots of time to tame and breed etc. For those with less time or wanting a more casual experience that includes Higher harvesting rates and quicker tames; Unofficial servers will be the obvious choice, these will also come with the ability to download mods – in a lot of cases making the game more fun.

Is there an Ark 2 Roadmap coming?

Soon! it has been announced that an Ark 2 Roadmap will soon be released to the public – With an expected release on the 31st of march! Hopefully this means we will find out a Release date for Ark 2 finally!

If you are still unsure of what Ark 2 is we have an article detailing some of the features. It can he found here. If you have any questions feel free to comment and let us know. Also stay tuned for the Ark 2 Roadmap release, We will break this down as soon as its released and let you know what to expect!


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