Ashes of Creation Event Update

In the ever-evolving world of online gaming, Ashes of Creation has stood out as a beacon of innovation and ambition. Now, as the game enters a new chapter with the Ashes of Creation Event Update, we’re poised to explore the transformative changes and thrilling additions that await players. Join us in witnessing this game’s evolution as it rises from the ashes and ushers in a new era of gaming excellence.

Ashes of Creation Event Update

Ashes of Creation Event Update

Event System

In the Ashes of Creation event update, a new event system has been added. It can query various aspects of the dynamic world state, such as defeating mobs and gaining experience. The event system diligently monitors player activity in the world and can employ a wide range of predicates to initiate different types of events. As soon as specific player activity levels are detected, it will promptly trigger an event. Another way to initiate an event is through story arcs, like the Trade caravans happening, relationships between different nodes, or the state of the nodes themselves. Active stories could cause different events to start.

Predicates of Event

There are plenty of different ways that an Ashes of Creation event can kick off. One of the developers said that the designers have access that lets players hook into any dynamic world state and use that to inform the instantiation or even just the progression of any event. They also mentioned that they’re looking for more ways of instantiating some of these events, like the generic sort of different things for tracking player activity. They’re also looking at the amount of resources players can harvest as a predicate.

Ashes of Creation Predicates

It’s worth mentioning that when one of the Ashes of Creation events kicks off, it not only notifies players based on their proximity via the mini-map but also includes a visual indicator within the game world, anchoring the event in the player’s immediate surroundings.

Different Events

Ashes of Creation event update brings an exciting array of diverse events, each with its unique set of missions and objectives. Whether solving intricate puzzles or attending a solemn NPC funeral without combat, there’s something for every player’s preference. Reward systems are designed to match the specific event’s complexity. Some of these Ashes of Creation events are designed to enrich the game world, offering valuable insights into the in-game lore and providing a welcome change of pace.

While there are moments with fewer challenges that don’t heavily rely on your character’s class abilities, those seeking a deeper immersion in the game’s storyline and world intricacies may want to dedicate their focus to the story arcs, where you can set your own pace and savor the narrative.

Event Objectives

One of the primary objectives of Ashes of Creation events is to safeguard the settlers residing in a particular area of the map, thwarting the threats posed by highwaymen, Grayshore marauders, arsonists, and others who seek to harm these innocent settlers. As you successfully defeat a number of these bandits, you progress to the next stage. The final assault’s intensity is determined by the players’ progress, activity, and success. In this stage, players can employ and reset some of the traps initially used by the bandits to destroy the convoy. It’s important to note that as more players participate in the event, its difficulty increases. As is the case in the world of Ashes, greater challenges yield more rewarding outcomes.

Ashes of Creation Objectives

Event PvP

Some Ashes of Creation events indeed require players to pick sides and engage in PvP combat. When Steven participated in this event, the option was to merge us into the event raid group, making it a PvE event. However, it’s important to note that there will be events featuring sanctioned PvP, offering multiple team options to join for those seeking more competitive gameplay.

Ashes of Creation Pvp & PvE

Event Completion

Upon completion of the Ashes of Creation event, you’ll receive an immediate stipend of gold and experience. However, any items that can be looted off your character must be obtained from a reward chest. At the end of each event, there’s a specific reward cache from which you can claim materials and items.

Event Rewards

The reward system in Ashes of Creation event is a complex, evolving mechanism. The developers have presented a diverse array of metrics to assess player performance. However, the determination of the most effective metrics hinges heavily on rigorous testing, given the inherent advantages and disadvantages associated with each metric. As part of the evaluation process, flexible metrics like active participation time in the event, encompassing both damage-dealing and healing activities, as a percentage of the event’s total duration, are under consideration.

It’s essential to recognize that each metric has its own unique merits and drawbacks, making their selection a careful balancing act. Ultimately, player contributions will be meticulously calculated, influencing their entitlement to reward tiers within the gold, silver, or bronze category. These reward tiers will dictate the type of rewards each player receives. This tier assignment forms the basis for the reward tables that players will access. More importantly, every player’s reward table will be rolled independently, ensuring a fair and personalized reward experience.

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Different Bosses

Various Ashes of Creation events will feature mini-bosses, and you can expect to encounter a wide range of them, each presenting different tiers of challenge and power levels. These encounters won’t all culminate in an epic battle against the ultimate dragon or similar end-game adversaries. Some events may revolve around assisting individuals, while others focus on contributing to the reconstruction of the tumultuous world of Verra, which is a formidable challenge as settlers strive to reclaim it. These Ashes of Creation events offer a diverse spectrum of heroic opportunities, from aiding everyday folks to facing off against colossal foes.

Ashes of Creation Different Bosses

Players Opportunity

Players have the opportunity to join an Ashes of Creation event while it’s in progress, where they can seamlessly become part of the event raid group. This group is formed by reassigning members from the developer’s party and merging them into a new raid group.

Ashes of Creation Players Opportunity

It’s important to mention that the ending of the event doesn’t automatically disband the open party. These open parties come with default party configurations that cannot be altered. So, players will remain with settings like group loot until they choose to leave their group. But at the same time, if players want to convert back into a party or if they want to move from that raid,  they are more than welcome to do so.


Q: Do players have to fully reform their parties after an event?

While there’s an option to continue participating in the raid and pursue additional activities collectively, we strongly encourage players to cooperate and engage with one another. Collaboration is a fundamental aspect of any MMO experience. However, should individuals prefer to transition back to a party or exit the raid, they are more than welcome to do so.

Q: What happens if someone joins the event and then lags or goes MIA? Does that still keep the difficulty?

In the Ashes of Creation events, player activity is closely monitored through a heatmap, which informs event difficulty. This difficulty isn’t solely based on the number of participants but dynamically scales based on various factors. Events are triggered by localized player activity, and they reflect the ongoing activities in the area, often linked to node progression. The developers aim to scale event difficulty by adjusting factors like the number of additional spawners and the types of NPCs that join (potentially including elites or a boss) without changing player or NPC power levels.

Q: Is it possible to provide healing support to the caravan settlers, and are there consequences if you fail to do so? For instance, would neglecting to protect them, resulting in their deaths, lead to reduced rewards?

Indeed, the possibility of failure exists, which may sound unusual in the context of contemporary gaming. However, failure can occur through various means, including the allocation of resources, not only for your fellow players but also for achieving the objectives of the event. The management of resources, particularly mana in the case of healing NPCs, adds a relevant and intriguing dimension to the event, making it a more dynamic experience.

Q: Do the events have cooldowns or could players force the event to spawn endlessly?

Ashes of Creation events do have cooldowns and cannot spawn repeatedly in quick succession. These cooldowns are not solely determined by a timer; they’re also influenced by specific in-game actions occurring at various times. What makes this system significant is that, as players explore hunting grounds or traverse the world, events continually emerge across different zones. These Ashes of Creation events align with player activity and movement, offering a diverse range of content that reflects the evolving state of the world. Engaging in these events not only adds to your experience but also provides additional reward opportunities based on cooperation with other players in the area.

Q: What would have happened if the raid group failed the event? Will something have happened if we wouldn’t have saved everybody?

When an Ashes of Creation event fails, it contributes to a world state tracker, and event outcomes can influence subsequent events. A chain reaction of failures can trigger larger events and even story arcs. This system serves as a foundation for how dynamic, responsive, and reactive world activities respond to player choices and their outcomes. The goal is to create a comprehensive and responsive game world, and smaller events’ outcomes can influence the initiation of significant story arcs, ultimately making the world feel like it respects and responds to player actions.

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