Complete Guide to Coreborn

With Coreborn releasing soon, we aim to deliver as much information and basic knowledge as possible to get you a head start with Coreborn before it launches with this Complete Guide.

The Coreborn beta test is available on Steam until the 18th of July, its release date. If you want to try the game out for yourself, check out the game on Steam!

What is Coreborn?

Coreborn: Nations of the Ultracore is a social survival game set in the open world of Ultracore. An MMORPG Developed and Published by Blankhans where players can build, grow and defend their town. As a player, your goals are to survive the elements and Sorgoth’s onslaught. The game will combine three pillars(genre) such as survival game, social hub, and adventure.

Coreborn trailer

What platforms does it support?

As of now, the developers plan to release it on PC for Windows and might be available for the macOS in the future.

System Requirements

This will be the minimum requirement as indicated on its Steam page. You can run the game with at least 30-50 fps with this requirement, but we suggest that you invest in a stronger PC due to the graphical fidelity of the game. In addition, there are only 3 graphic quality settings to choose from, from Medium to Epic.


OS: Windows 10 

Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD, 2.5 GHz or faster

Memory: 8 GB RAM

Graphics: DirectX 12 Compatible Graphics card

What are the features of Coreborn?

Coreborn is a game that will take place in Tormentosia and just like any other MMORPG the game provides different races to choose from and nations to explore.

Coreborn Map


According to the beta, there are around 8 nations that will be available to visit and explore and those are:

Ash MountainsCore Nation
Dust NationsThe Jungle of Initos
The Liquid of MeadowsThe Litikal Plains


People are just like races that live within a corresponding nation and currently, there are 6 different people that you can encounter.

The Children
of the Source
SauromancersSteam Dwarfs

Weapon Crafting

In terms of weapon crafting Coreborn offers a more unique way of acquiring a weapon, to craft a weapon you should have three parts of a certain type of weapon to be able to craft the corresponding weapon, with this you will be able to combine them and choose the specific stats depending on the material that the weapon part is made from. eg. Wooden Handle + Stone Cross-guard + Iron Blade

Later on, you will be able to add refinements that will make the weapon more unique and more special so that certain recipes or materials will not be outranked making it a fun way to plan and pick your weapon.


District SystemThe developers plan to add this system for the players to determine in which areas of the map are affected by weather, night and day changes, and how these changes affect NPC etc.
Interior SystemThe developers plan to add this system for the players to determine in which areas of the map are affected by weather, night and day changes, and how these changes affect NPC, etc.
Essence SystemEssence is one of the most important features that will help you in certain features of the game such as the skill system and using different town features.

This is basically a way to get essence as a reward for doing things like killing monsters, crafting, and gathering.
Skill SystemDevelopers have planned a way to make your abode a bit more interesting by giving the players access to put down basic furniture such as chairs and tables which will be more interesting over time as they add more features.
Status EffectsSimilar to average survival games the player will be able to feel different status effects such as cold, hot, wet, burning, and other status effects. This adds thrill to the game since you need to manage yourself while venturing into the world of Tormentosia.
MarketplaceThe marketplace is simply an auction house, you will be able to open up or attend auctions in different places so that you can sell or buy materials or equipment that you may need. More updates will come to this feature, especially in setting fair prices so that it can affect the economy positively.
FarmingThe skill system of Coreborn is quite complex compared to the other MMORPG, the game’s skill system involves a mix of progress-based system where you will be able to get XP and overtime you will be able to passively get skills.

In addition, at some point, you will be able to decide which route to take and be able to develop certain skills, basically something like specializations.
FishingAs a survival game farming is the basics of survival, you will be able to plant seeds and grow them into crops and use them as materials.
According to the Roadmap that was provided by the developers


In Coreborn events are similar to social quests, in different areas whenever you interact with an activity with an NPC or anything similar you will be rewarded loot such as keys, materials, or even something that you can bring back to your town to interact with town attacks.

Basic Tips

Generally, every game starts with tutorials for you to understand the basic knowledge of the game.

1.) Follow Nib’s tutorial – At the start of the game Nib will guide you through the tutorial, it will take around 2 to 5 minutes to finish the tutorial so take note of it, easy right?

Coreborn Tutorial

2.) F1 is your friend – Pressing F1 will introduce you to a journal that contains different information about the game, and it will be your best friend while exploring the different features of Coreborn.

Coreborn Journal

3.) Defending yourself – After the tutorial, you will be able to venture out of the game. You will go through monsters that will definitely kill you, so gather up some materials and craft some equipment that will help you in your adventures.

4.) Gather materials and start building – Since the Coreborn is a survival game building a house or a shelter is necessary. Building is a way to avoid danger especially when it comes to night, you can also add storage and other necessities to your shelter.

Coreborn Building

5.) Getting back your stuff after fainting – You might panic when you faint but don’t worry! There will be a purple beam that will shoot out of the sky that will help you locate your stuff.


Summing up the quality of the game, it is pretty interesting, especially with the idea of adding a feature such as building in an MMO game. Since it is a mix of MMO and Survival games, it makes a whole new content that makes it quite appealing to the players.

The graphics quality could be better, that includes the settings in which the lowest quality is medium. Some may have trouble playing this due to the lack of graphical capacity of their PC, the game requires a quite beefy setup to be able to run Coreborn in a high-quality setting. Since the game is still in its early phase there will be a lot of room for improvements and the developers are still working on it.

There are a lot of features that haven’t been released that will pique the interest of the players, such as reworks on biomes, different weapons, a whole new seasonal event, and others that will enhance the gaming quality of players.

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Since the game is still under development there will be a lot of changes when the game comes out! So if you have any questions take your time and check out our discord!


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