Complete Guide to Wayfinder

Wayfinder is a third-person; action combat, multiplayer, pve, rpg. It is planned to be free to play on full release, with a purchasable Early access launching on Steam and PSN on the 17.08.2023. It is developed by Airship Syndicate whose previously and positively reviewed titles are:

Battle Chasers: Nightwar (turn based RPG)
Darksiders Genesis (top-down hack and slash RPG)
Ruined King: A League of Legends Story™ (turn based RPG)

Similar to games such as Destiny 1&2; Warframe and The Division, you select a class, in this case, called a Wayfinder, that has unique abilities and cosmetics. You can play solo or with others and explore open-world environments and dungeons.


Wingrave: Tank/Support

Wingrave excels at close combat. He specializes in supporting allies summoning shields of light and healing his allies even as he calls down divine judgment on his enemies.

Silo: Range dps with Traps and Bombs

Silo switches easily between Melee and Ranged combat and is at his best when he embraces this versatility. He has a host of tactical tools; he can distract his foes with illusions, slow them with oil, or burn them with fire—potentially setting off deadly chain reactions.

Niss: Mobile Melee/Rogue

Eldren Shadow Dancer is at her best when she’s in motion. She dances around her enemies defending herself with a cloak of shadows and striking them down with spectral blades.

Senja: Melee Brawler

Close combat, and can use her affinity for the storm to drag her enemies close or blast them across the battlefield in a burst of lightning.

Kyros: Mage Dps

He can scatter foes with blasts of raw energy and crush enemies with a massive shockwave.

Venomess: Support, Damage over time dps

Can switch between ranged and melee combat with ease. Her chemicals can poison her enemies and strengthen her allies, and her thrusters give her tremendous mobility.

Combat and Progression

Offers an engaging flow of aiming your attacks and dodging those from enemies. Not all abilities are offensive, with some providing utility and defense. At first, they seem very basic, but you can further augment your skills, stats, and weapons to find your preferred playstyle. Different types of weapons can be used by your Wayfinder, which adds further options. Armor is not upgradeable and only offers varying aesthetics.

World and Expeditions

The open world is interesting to explore and offers quick travel to previously navigated areas. You can also discover random events that include waves of enemies and mini-bosses. The main story quest does a good job of introducing the player to the various systems.

Static dungeons(expeditions) can be discovered with randomly generated ones accessible from the shared hub town. They have varying enemy types and puzzles for further rewards. Affixes can be applied to these, such as added elemental and creature damage to raise the difficulty for better rewards. This also includes the boss encounters which provide unique and challenging mechanics.


Will be included in Early Access. The first iteration will be apartments that offer decor, pets, artifacts, and trophies.
Pets are planned to accompany you on your journeys further in development. Artifacts and trophies will provide buffs to your Wayfinder.

The Reward Tower – Founder’s Season 1 (Battle Pass)

“As you adventure through Evenor progress in the Reward Tower will be your key to unlocking exclusive Characters, Pets, and Customizations! Your Reward Tower will never expire allowing you to explore and unlock rewards at your own pace.”

Early Access

“Though subject to change Early Access will last around six months. We aim to launch the full free-to-play version of the game after two full seasons of Early Access content.”

You can play the early access by purchasing the various founder packs:

Base Pack £13.99GBP / $19.99USD
Initiate Pack £32.99GBP / $49.99USD
Awakened Pack £59.99GBP / $89.99USD
Exalted Pack £98.99GBP / $149.99USD

Find more about what they offer here:

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