Complete Diablo Immortal Blood Knight Guide – 2023

Upon the release of Diablo’s new addition to its nostalgic 6 classes, The Blood Knight is a highly anticipated hybrid class. That’s right! Hybrid Class! Here’s everything to know about Diablos Immortal’s newest class through the Diablo Immortal The Blood Knight guide.

everything to know on the blood knight - abomination

Diablo Immortal Blood Knight Guide | Everything About Feared Class

What is the Blood Knight Class?

The Blood Knight is the newest addition to Diablo’s nostalgic player classes in 10 years. Hitting the streets of Sanctuary in Diablo Immortal, The Blood Knight roams the world in search of darkness to rid and punish. If beings fear the dark, the dark fears the Blood Knight. Being a hybrid of close combat and long ranged.

Human Form

Blood Knights were of course once human. After becoming a Blood Knight, what humanity do you have left? Is it the humanity you once had or the drop of humanity you have to push back this beast and keep it dormant within your soul? Is it even worth it?

Sporting a blood-red and armored attire, the Blood Knight has white hair, black veins around the eyes, and not to mention their dead pupils bearing the color of blood. They constantly prey and do rituals to ensure the safety of the innocent if one was to come out of control using the little trinket they hold dear. The last memory of their humanity, sealed in the object as they now hold the weight of the dark festering from within.

Become a Blood Knight and fight the demon inside you for the rest of your never-ending life.

diablo immortal blood knight guide - human form

The Abomination

The Abomination of the Blood Knight is a demonic-looking creature that thirsts for blood and destruction. Bearing hellishly chaotic armor, sharp teeth, blood-red eyes, and black eyes, as well as an intimidating figure, this monster stands above anything else in Sanctuary. Haunting anything it lays its eyes on. It may go after the dark but really…is anyone safe from this unholy being?

diablo immortal blood knight guide - the abomination

True Power

The Blood Knight’s true power is that of horrific origin. A hybrid of darkness and hell alike. Among its skills and abilities are unique and powerful, this monstrous being possesses a face that one could never forget. A face they would see for the last time.

diablo immortal blood knight guide - human

Skill Guide

Aside from basic info on the new player class, Blood Knight, get to know the Abomination’s various skills and abilities.

  • Ravage
    • Unleash a steady barrage of Polearm thrusts and sweeps and other various attacks dealing 25% of all damage to affected enemies.
diablo immortal blood knight guide - ravage
  • Shadow’s Edge (Obtained after Level 34)
    • Wielding a blade made of pure shadow energy, players can slash at nearby foes to deal damage. However, if there are no enemies nearby, the blade is thrown to deal damage.
diablo immortal blood knight guide - shadows edge
  • Annihilation (Ultimate Ravage)
    • When enhanced Ravage gets an additional Polearm in the player’s offhand and increases the range with the final attack being a knockback for enemies. During the usage, Annihilation gives the player a shield that absorbs damages equal to 20% max HP for a total of 3 seconds.
diablo immortal blood knight guide - annihilation
  • Shadow’s Embrace (Ultimate Shadow’s Edge)
    • When enhanced for 12 seconds, Shadow’s Edge throws a volley of 5 shadow blades penetrating the enemies and dealing damage to each that hits an enemy. Players are also given a shield to absorb damage up to 20% of their max HP for a time of 3 seconds
diablo immortal blood knight guide - shadows embrace

Additional Skills For The Blood Knight

There are a total of 15 additional skills for the Blood Knight in Diablo Immortal. Here is a complete look into all of them including the stats and descriptions!

  • Blood Rush
    • Dashing forward and dealing extra damage, the Blood Knight sheds its mortal flesh and zips forward in a short distance.
diablo immortal blood knight guide - blood rush
  • Shattering Fists
    • Unleashing a series of massive blows, the Blood Knight deals damage to all enemies surrounding it with the 3rd attack being a knockback.
diablo immortal blood knight guide - shattering fists
  • Spear Flurry (Obtained after Level 1)
    • This ability unleashes a series of massive blows to deal damage to all enemies along with every third attack being a knockback pushing enemies away.
diablo immortal blood knight guide - spear flurry
  • Wave of Blood (Obtained after Level 1)
    • The Blood Knight releases a wave of blood that knocks back enemies that also deals damage within the 2 maximum charges.
diablo immortal blood knight guide - wave of blood
  • Tendrils of Blood (Obtained after Level 3)
    • The Blood Knight shoots tendrils of blood into nearby enemies dealing damage. Once recast, the Blood Knight then pulls the snared enemies closer causing additional damage.
diablo immortal blood knight guide - tendrils of blood
  • Siphon of Blood (Obtained after level 8)
    • This ability gives the Blood Knight the power to siphon blood from enemies dealing damage as well as effectively healing itself on 15% of the damage taken.
diablo immortal blood knight guide - siphon blood
  • Sanguinate (Obtained at level 15)
    • The Blood Knight turns into its blood form for 2.5 seconds which increases movement speed by a whopping 50%. Once reactivated again, the Blood Knight’s being to full form and then rush forward to leave damage to any enemy they pass through.
diablo immortal blood knight guide - sanguinate
  • Umbral Lance (Obtained after level 20)
    • Hurling a lance of pure darkness, the Blood Knight penetrates through all enemies dealing damage. The longer you charge, the longer the range and the higher the damage.
diablo immortal blood knight guide - umbral lance
  • Swarm of Bats (Obtained after level 28)
    • The Blood Knight is able to call a cloud of bats to swarm and attack enemies dealing damage. The cloud will continuously pursue any enemy and can be redirected after reactivating the skill once more.
diablo immortal blood knight guide - swarm of bats
  • Whirling Strike (Obtained after level 38)
    • The Blood Knight whirls their Polearm around multiple times dealing damage to all nearby enemies. This ability has a maximum of 2 charges.
diablo immortal blood knight guide - whirling strike
  • Mephitic Cloud (Obtained after level 44)
    • The Blood Knight releases a toxic cloud for 6 seconds that confuses does and even causes multiple enemies to turn on each other. However, this skill restricts targeting for players.
diablo immortal blood knight guide - mephitic cloud
  • Skewer (Obtained after level 44)
    • This ability punctures through enemies and slams them to the ground dealing damage to all nearby enemies as well as a 3-second stun.
diablo immortal blood knight guide - skewer
  • Shroud of Night (Obtained after level 47)
    • The Blood Knight is shrouded and nearby allies in darkness for the whole of 8 seconds. Players emerge as ghostlike figures every 1.5 seconds to drop their primary attacks.
diablo immortal blood knight guide - shroud of night
  • Abomination (Obtained at level 50)
    • Unleash all your rage and embrace the darkness trying to crawl out from within the depths of your soul to become the Abomination. For the whole of 15 seconds, players have increased damage after their skills are replaced with “Blood Rush” and “Shattering Fists”.
    • Fill anger by using your Primary Attack or use a Skill.
  • Transfusion (Obtained at level 53)
    • Protect yourself as well as your allies closely with the use of enriched blood. This way, you and your allies have shields for 3 seconds. The shield will absorb any damage taken. Harmful effects such as poisoning will be removed from the player as well as they will become immune to harmful effects as long as the shield is activated.
    • Transfusion can be used once again after 5 seconds of the initial cast.
Diablo immortal blood night guide - transfusion

How one becomes a Blood Knight

One becomes a blood knight through a ritual that bonds the Abomination to one’s soul. Blood Knights share a similar story to Vampires and Thrawls but the Blood Knight is a being with destructive darkness that wants to devour and wreck everything in its path. Something that lies dormant and something that the Blood Knight is constantly fighting to keep it that way.

“Humans are right to fear the darkness…but the darkness fears me.”

-The Blood Knight upon the announcement of the new class.

Ties with the Vampiric

Blood Knights and Vampires have very close stories but very massive differences. While vampires spread their disease- like plague of a kind, Blood Knights are created through a horrid ritual that anchors a dark entity within a being.

However, both also share the hunger and thirst for blood. Blood Knights constantly pray to their trinket which helps them keep that darkness at bay while Vampires constantly kill and spread their virus. In terms of combat, the Blood Knight is naturally destructive but should only be released from one’s soul if the situation calls for it. Perhaps a Blood Knight against a violence-hungry Vampire.

diablo immortal blood knight guide - close up

While the Vampiric beings hunt man, the Blood Knight hunts anyone and anything in its path. This is also part of the reason why Blood Knights have to constantly be at war with themselves to keep the abomination away from the innocent and unleash it upon the darkness.

These two beings share a lot in common. But. The only difference is, one of them is the prey and the other is the predator.

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