Everything We Know About Mars Tactics

Introducing Takibi Games and Hooded Horse’s Mars Tactics! Where strategy and wits are greatly tested for victory!

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Everything We Know About Mars Tactics

Takibi Games and Hooded Horse have just released their new small but intense strategy game, Mars Tactics. Here, the weak and vulnerable are often targeted with no mercy.


Being a strategy, RPG, and situational game, Mars Tactics certainly is generous with the amount of action! Mars Tactics also boasts a full-controller support system along with PC gameplay. Released in 2023, players can now try out and play Mars Tactics on Steam and experience epic battles and legendary victories! Aside from the magnificent battles and roleplaying, Mars Tactics, as the name suggests, takes place in outer space. Not only do you satisfy that thrust for battle and glory, but you also get to see the wonders of the unknown. What’s there to not love? Fight your battles, build your empire, and survive with your troops in outer space.



At first glance, players can notice that Mars Tactics boasts friendly-looking pixel graphics. Created with the use of the Unity Engine, despite its friendly and adorable graphics, Mars Tactics did not miss a chance to be ever so action-packed! Explosions, gun fights, tanks, and battleships galore.

Smooth Gameplay

Mars Tactics is an action and strategy game that uses a turn-based play style. Players are to choose between two factions. Labor Revolutionaries have numbered resources or the Captial Army with abundant resources, weapons, and ammunition.

night mission

Epic turn-based mechanics

As included in everything we know about Mars Tactics, Mars Tactics is a game where players rely on our strategies and the turn-based mechanics of the game. Gamers! Be aware of your every move cause it only takes one wrong move to lose the edge of battle!

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With the turn-based mechanics comes more things to think about of course. Players will have to study the terrain, advantages and disadvantages, and even what they can hide behind to avoid gunfire.

For every Soldier, Missions!

In everything we know about Mars Tactics, the game of course has a ton of missions and activities for players to enjoy and study. Practice and hone your inner tactician! At first, players will get to do missions such as Jailbreak Express, Smash-n-grab, Outpost Assault, and Forlorn Hope, but more missions will surely come as the game updates and progresses its story.

mars tactics missions

For the player’s understanding, every mission has complete briefings which include objectives, instructions, and even strategy suggestions. Neat huh! Tread carefully, however, no matter the amount of information given for the mission, every mission is different in terrain, game mode, and difficulty. Best to read up on your mission briefing, Soldier.


In war, you must pick a side. In everything we know about Mars Tactics, sides are one of the most important aspects of the game. In Mars Tactics, there are two factions to choose between. Which will you pick and side with? Choose wisely!

  • Capital Army – the capital army is funded by the bigwigs. Abundant in resources and weapons, they may be difficult to defeat but easy to use. Of course, also has its challenges. Bombs, guns, and bullets.
  • Laborers – limited, numbered, and lower than that Capital Army. Weapons are numbered as well as ammunition and resources. However, laborers do have the upper hand on empire building as well as farming.

Freedom into battle!

You heard that right, Soldier! In everything we know about Mars Tactics, in the tactical art, you’ve got all the freedom in the world to achieve your victory in the way that YOU please. Strikes, gunfire, bombs, and so much more!

  • Tons of explosives – use the might of hand grenades, c4, and other bombs to gain the upper hand in battle. Need more cover for your soldiers? No worries! You can use bombs to “excavate” the terrain and provide more cover areas for your team.
  • Know your men and women – get to know your moves and your soldiers. What can you work with? Who can you sacrifice? Who can you save?

And tons more if you try out the brand new strategy and action-packed game that is Mars Tactics! We know we like it so check it out for yourself!

Quick gameplay footage

Hooked on the game through everything we know about Mars Tactics? Check out our quick gameplay footage so you get a front-row seat to the action!

That is it on Everything we know about Mars Tactics! Want more related news, updates, and game guides? Join the official Discord Channel! Check out Mars Tactics on its official Steam Page.


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