How to sign up to Alpha test SAND

If you’re anything like us and watched the latest PC gaming show with a close eye you would have noticed the official reveal trailer for SAND, leaving one simple question! How to sign up to Alpha test SAND. We’ve got all the relevant info right here.

How to sign up to Alpha test SAND

Signing up to SAND isn’t as straight forward as other games in the genre, the lack of social media presence like a discord has made it slightly confusing for the 100’s of people hoping to sign up for an early look at SAND.

  • 1: Head over to
  • 2: Click on the red button to “Sign up to Alpha” in the middle of the screen.
  • 3: Enter a valid email address you have access to, in the next step you will have to verify you own this email.
  • 4: After entering your email and continuing you might be asked to complete a captcha depending on your geographical location, some users might not. Complete the captcha and continue on as normal.
  • 5: You will now have to switch to your email and find an email sent from: <> , it can land in spam although for some of our staff it did not.
  • 6: Click “yes, Subscribe me to this list” and that’s it, your now signed up to receive all the new info and a potential Alpha invite!
  • 7: Optionally you can change your preferences in the same place if you so desire.

If you find yourself as interested in SAND as the rest of us make sure to check them out on steam and wishlist their game early, for now they don’t have any discord server we can link to but we will make sure to update that when they do. If you want to stay up to date about general MMO news or other exciting SAND related news make sure to keep an eye on our News section here on MMO-Wiki.


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