Kobi’s Kotoris, Quillix Research Quest

Welcome to the enthralling Quest of Kobi’s Kotoris and Quillix Research, where Scholar Coby at Purelight Hill beckons you to assist in solving the mysteries surrounding these creatures. The solisium continent holds secrets, and your journey begins with defeating Koroti and collecting Kotori Branch and Kotori fruit.


Talk to Purelight Tower Scholar Coby at Purelight Hill

Your quest kicks off by conversing with Scholar Coby at Purelight Hill, an esteemed researcher dedicated to understanding the monsters of the solisium continent. There’s an intriguing connection, particularly in the way they unleash projectiles. Dive deep into Coby’s world and offer your aid in advancing his research.

talk to coby

Defeat Koroti and Collect Kotori Branch and Kotori Fruit

Prepare for battle as you confront Kotori, a formidable adversary. Conquer Kotori and collect six Kotori Branch and Kotori fruit.

kill Kotori

With your bounty of Kotori Branch and Kotori fruit, return to Scholar Coby at Purelight Hill. Engage in a discussion to receive further instructions, unraveling the next steps in this intriguing expedition.

talk to Coby again

Defeat and Collect Kotori Thorn

Coby’s mind is a labyrinth of thoughts, and he requires more examples to substantiate his hypothesis. Your new mission is to defeat and collect Kotori Thorn. Gather three of these thorns, preparing yourself for the challenges that lie ahead.

collect kotori thorn

Defeat and Collect Quillix Thorn

Venture into the nesting ground, a mysterious and perilous location. Your task is to defeat Quillix and procure its Quillix Thorn. A minimum of one Quillix Thorn is necessary to contribute to Coby’s research.

kill a Quillix

Upon presenting the collected samples to Coby, witness the joy on his face as he analyzes them. In a moment, Coby uncovers a common ground between Kotoris and Quillixes. The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, bringing his research to fruition.

talk to coby again

Embark on a journey filled with excitement and discovery as you assist Scholar Coby in unraveling the mysteries of Kobi’s Kotoris and Quillix Research. Each step brings you closer to the heart of the solisium continent’s secrets, guided by Coby’s expertise. Join the quest and be part of a scientific adventure that transcends the ordinary.


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