Exciting Nightingale Developer Update, Server Stress, Game Access, Feedbacks and More! (12/02)

Calling all aspiring Realmwalkers!

A brand-new Nightingale developer update from Inflexion Games has dropped, bringing exciting news about the upcoming open-world survival game set for Early Access in early 2024. Buckle up, because it’s time to join the fray and help the developers test the limits of their acclaimed portal network while providing valuable feedback to polish the game to perfection!

Nightingale Developer Update Title Card

Nightingale Developer Update: Server Stress Test

With Early Access just around the corner, Inflexion wants to ensure a smooth launch by stressing the servers as much as possible. To achieve this, they’re hosting a server stress test, calling upon all aspiring adventurers to log in and play simultaneously. By participating in this crucial test, you’ll be playing a vital role in identifying and fixing any potential issues, such as crashes and glitches, before Early Access begins in February 2024.

Unlike previous play tests, you won’t be able to use your old game key. Instead, you’ll need to join the Steam beta program to access the new build specifically for the stress test. This allows the developers to test their latest updates and changes before Early Access launch.

Building on Recent Play Test Success

Night Skies from the Nightingale Developer Update

Before the Nightingale Developer Update, there was a recently closed play test, held from November 3rd to 7th, which was a resounding success. It saw nearly double the number of participants compared to the previous play test, allowing the developers to gather valuable feedback and make significant improvements. Some of the key changes implemented based on player feedback include:

  • Improved player invite system with more automation. Inviting friends to join your adventures is now made easier.
  • Smoother and more intuitive building system. Constructing your base also is much more convenient due to the revamped building system.
  • Positive feedback on game art direction, especially the night skies.
  • Quality of life improvements such as adding long rest and a realm overview panel.
  • Performance optimization progress wherein most players reported better performance.

Addressing Feedback for Early Access

In game look from the Nightingale Developer Update

Inflexion Games has also been busy addressing other player feedback in preparation for Early Access, as stated in the Nightingale Developer Update. Here are some of the key issues being addressed:

  • Fixed the aggro system bug that caused creatures to be excessively aggressive.
  • Reverted the hot bar UI to show all items based on player feedback.
  • Identified and are addressing connection issues, although they were less frequent compared to previous play tests.
  • Placeholder issues like icons, textures, and Puck’s voice over will be resolved before Early Access.

FAQ in Nightingale Developer Update:

  • Q: Will realm cards be sold as microtransactions? 
  • A: No, realm cards will be craftable in-game.
  • Q: Why are there play tests before Early Access? 
  • A: Play testing is crucial for gathering player input and feedback to improve the game before launch.
  • Q: Who are the play testers for the Nightingale Server Stress Test? 
  • A: Play testers include both content creators and regular gamers to ensure a diverse range of perspectives.
  • Q: What engine is Nightingale built on? 
  • A: Nightingale is currently being upgraded to Unreal Engine 5.3.
  • Q: What is the maximum party size in Early Access? 
  • A: The maximum party size is six for game balancing and performance reasons.

What’s Next for Nightingale?

The team at Inflexion Games is hard at work addressing feedback, fixing major bugs, and polishing the game for Early Access. They will be taking a well-deserved break for the holiday season before returning in 2024 to finalize preparations for the Early Access launch in February.

This may be the final developer update for the year, but the team will remain active on social media for a few more weeks. Be sure to visit our homepage for the latest news and updates on Nightingale! Ready to answer the call? Join the community of like-minded and friendly individuals here at our Discord Server.


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