Quinfall Beta Announcement

Mark your calendars, knights! One of the game’s devs has revealed the highly awaited Quinfall Beta on their Discord channel. The date of the Quinfall beta’s release is set for January 30, 2024. But there’s a catch: during the Steam limited beta, it will only be accessible to a restricted group of people. Players should also be informed that Quinfall beta testing will only take place for brief intervals of time. Thus, all of our excited participants are preparing to play the game soon after January 30.

Quinfall Beta Release

The Quinfall Beta Test

Earlier this week, Frenzy, a developer for Quinfall, released a statement on their Discord channel about the upcoming Closed Beta test scheduled for early next year. Here is the full statement from the developer.

“Hello everyone,

We are excited to finally share the long-awaited Quinfall beta release date and details. Since our previous announcements, we have been extremely happy to see that a large audience has been waiting and showing interest in the Quinfall project. We are proud to be involved in a project that MMORPG players show such a great interest and excitement. At this point, we are grateful to everyone for their interest and patience.

The release date of the game has been slightly delayed because some content had to be revised in line with the feedback of our players. Now, however, it’s time to share a definite date. The closed beta version of The Quinfall project will be released on Steam for selected players on 30 January 2024. Let us remind you again that Closed Beta processes will take place in short periods. So, shortly after 30 January, all our players are planned to experience the game.

Also, in the near future, we will start publishing long-term gameplay videos with our development team. These videos will allow us to share many details of the game both through videos and our wiki section.

We hope that we can share the much-awaited MMORPG experience with all our players as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience, interest and support.”  – [DEV] Frenzy

Quinfall Dev Statement

What is Quinfall?

Quinfall, Vawraek Technology Inc.’s inaugural project, is an ambitious MMORPG currently in the works. Dive into an epic adventure as you traverse the expansive Quinfall universe. Engage in distinctive battles and an immersive narrative, choosing from a plethora of professions, all set in a medieval world, offering a completely fresh MMORPG experience

Quinfall In Game Appearancce

The central themes of the narrative center on the universe’s tremendous effects caused by the terrifying deity Pelyonas, the Dragonborn gods Greis and Kreas, and several other gods. It’s about learning about the rich and nuanced pasts of several prominent individuals, each with a unique story to tell, and about taking in the complicated day-to-day existence of those who inhabit this world.

Quinfall First Look

You will gradually learn the truth behind the cursed crown that altered Quinfall’s destiny as you go through this epic story. You can choose to be a part of the growing turmoil or use your ability to bring calm and harmony to a universe where civil war has torn everything apart. It’s crucial to bear in mind that the decisions you make can affect the course of the Quinfall world in this amazing adventure where the plot is always changing.


That wraps up the announcement for the Quinfall beta test, set to launch on January 30, 2024. If you want to register for the Quinfall Beta, Click Here! We’re all eagerly anticipating this game, and we’re hopeful that the developers will release some gameplay soon, granting us our first glimpse into this exciting new world of adventure and exploration. If you found this article helpful, let us know in our community’s discord. Check out more guides for different games on our homepage!


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