Complete Quinfall Weapons And Classes Guide

Welcome to the complete Quinfall weapons and classes guide. We will be discussing all the different Weapons and Classes in Quinfall.

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Quinfall Weapons And Classes

To begin our journey to expand our knowledge on all off Quinfall’s weapons and classes, let’s jump into the classes players can play throughout their time in the Quinfall.

The Archer

The first class we’ll cover in this Quinfall weapons and classes guide is the Archer. It is very accurate at range. The Archer is a player class that uses long-distance weapons such as the Crossbow and Bow.

Quinfall weapons and classes guide

The Hunter subclass are warriors that closely hold nature by their side. Living in harmony with the plant life and the animals claiming residence in the forests. When in battle, the Hunters call upon a loyal beast and loyal forces and aim their bow with great wit and power.
Critical Archer

The Critical Archer is an Archer subclass that focuses more on precise and high-damage attacks. Even at a distance, the Critical Archer carefully calculates each target to make sure no damage is wasted.
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The Hunter and the Critical Archer are two different subclasses for different types of players. The classes both give more depth into the main class of the Archer. Players can use whichever subclass they feel best for them or use a combination of the 2 to make a hybrid build.

The Crossbow

The Crossbow class. In Quinfall, the Crossbow class is a class fairly similar to the Archer. However, as the Crossbow class, players are able to shoot down enemies from a greater distance and with greater damage. Similar to that of a sniper in other modern first-person shooter games. This class has two subclasses.

The Sharpshooter subclass is able to perch themselves at a great distance. That way they have a clear view of their target and shoot them down with great accuracy.
Assault Master
The Assault Master subclass of the Crossbow class is a subclass where warriors shoot down their enemies at high speeds. This way players get to experience fast-paced battles with high damage. Assault Masters fit perfectly for players who have a “fast and effective” playstyle.
crossbow quinfall

The Crossbow and the Archer may be close in similarities but the two main classes are quite different.

The Staff Of Life

The Staff of Life class is a class where warriors hold the power of the Staff of Life. Harnessing its magic, warriors have the ability to heal their wounded allies and defend them with damaging attacks at the same time.

As the title suggests, the Healer subclass is a subclass where players get to use the staff of slide to give healing to those who are wounded around them or heal themselves.
Magic Warden
The Magic Warden subclass is a subclass where warriors are able to greatly weaken their enemies by using debuffs as well as magical damage against them.
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The Staff of Life subclass fits players who lean more towards weakening their opponents before ending the battle with a final and devastating blow. This class also accommodates players who would prefer more of a support role rather than a damaging role.

The Longsword

The Longsword class is a class of warriors that uses longswords and greatswords to deal with their enemies. Known for its ability to deal high damage, this class is also able to overwhelm its enemies by using devastating attacks, however, this may come at the cost of being a little bit slower than most. Even so, it won’t pose much of a challenge for these warriors.

The Strongsword subclass is a Longsword subclass that mainly moves slowly but once they get a hit on the target, they will take a heavy amount of damage. This subclass is a dual-wielding class as warriors may hold bladed weapons in two hands to deal damage using combined attacks.
The Devastator subclass focuses mainly on dealing incredible amounts of damage with every attack. This subclass also can stun enemies and damage them with shattering attacks.

The Longsword class in the Quinfall weapons and classes list would probably rank as the fan favorite of the game. After all, swords are cool. This class focuses mainly on damage so for players who would want to deal with painful attacks, this class is perfect.

The Staff

The Staff Player class is closely similar to the Staff of Life class in a way that they both handle healing and damaging magic. But, these two classes are two completely different realms of playstyle, builds, aptitude, etc.

Frost Mage
The Frost Mage is a Staff subclass that mainly focuses on dealing with Ice or Frost-type magic effects. This subclass is known for warriors who master the arts of Ice spells. For abilities, this class is able to use ice spells to slow and freeze enemies for their own advantage on the battlefield.
Fire Mage
The Fire Mage is quite similar to the Frost Mage but with the devastating element of fire which is known to be more violent. This class is known for its warriors’ damaging skills and the ability to deal area damage to their foes.
staff quinfall

The Staff subclass fits players who prefer more of a calculated or damaging magical set of attacks and abilities.

The War hammer

As the name suggests in the Quinfall weapons and classes list the War hammer class is a class that carries insane amounts of damage but they do have slower movements to balance out the strength that they possess. This main class also has two sides. The Support in the form of the Strengthener and the Warrior in the form of the Slow Devastator.

The Strengthener subclass uses their magic abilities to give support to their teammates.
Slow Devastator
The Slow Devastator subclass is a Warhammer subclass that deals devastating damage but with the cost of being slow. Slow Devastators are indeed slower than the other classes but their attacks and strikes are incredibly effective once they hit their targets directly.
war hammer quinfall

In the world of Quinfall you not only get to have a lot of options when it comes to your classes but you get to experience more of the main classes as well. For example, in the War Hammer classes, you can choose whether or not you want to be violent or just help out your teammates.

The Dagger

The Dagger class is able to deal accurate and effective physical damage with speed and overwhelming damage. The Dagger class is a class where players master the speed of battle while also being able to master their wits and accuracy.

The Deathblade subclass is a Dagger subclass that mainly deals with quick and swift blows to their enemies. Besides their incredible speeds this subclass is able to produce sustained and steady damage. In Quinfall their speed gives them a high advantage.
Shadow Stalker
The Shadow Stalker or Shadow Hunter subclass is a subclass that has the ability to weaken and damage their enemies with the use of poisoned bladed weapons. Once they poison their enemies, this subclass then uses stealthy attacks to finish off their victim sort of like a spider in real life.
dagger quinfall

The Dagger class fits players who prefer to have quick burst of damage. This class is also great for surprising enemies.

The Spear

Similar to the Longsword class this class in Quinfall handles attacks and skills that use a specific weapon. The Spear. This class of warriors is able to use spears to inflict effective damage.

These warriors use long spears to strike with high precision, using piercing attacks.
Named after the legendary mythological Valkyries, this Spear subclass is able to handle both damage and support roles in Quinfall. Both of their healing and attacks are equally as powerful as one another. This subclass deals high damage while also lending a hand to their team.
spear quinfall

The Spear Quinfall class is great for a melee playstyle that wants a bit of distance as well. Other than the basics, this class also fits players who want to be able to strike effectively and inflict high damage while also being able to help others.

The Sword And Shield

As in other games, this class is one of the fan favorites because of its versatility. The Sword and Shield Warriors class is a group of warriors who are able to defend themselves or their team using a strong shield while also dealing a high amount of damage to enemies while using a bladed weapon.

The Guardian subclass is a Sword and Shield subclass who’se goal is to protect others with their large shields and hefty armor. This subclass stands at the very front line of battle as they have incredible stamina and endurance which fends off enemies greatly.
As the name suggests, this Sword and Shield subclass focuses on the mastery of bladed weapons such as the Sword. They are able to strike sharply as well as deal swift blows to their enemies with high damage.
sword and shield quinfall

The Sword and Shield throughout other games has been one of the favorites with its dual ability to both handle offense and defense, This player class fits perfectly for players who’d like to defend both using the shield and the sword.

The Double Axe

The Double Axe player class is a class where warriors wield deadly axes to battle. They can also use two great axes with little to no effort with their mastery. Able to deal fatal attacks, they can also greatly overwhelm enemies.

Blood Master
The Blood Master subclass is a Double Axe subclass where players inflict damage and wound their enemies. Once wounded and bleeding, enemies are weakened over time and players can deal more and more damage to their targets. If practiced correctly, this class would be able to deal more devastating attacks against their enemies.
Berserk Storm Axe
The Berserk Storm Axe subclass is a powerful subclass of the Double Axe players class. This subclass is able to deal fatal blows to their enemies with ease.
double axe

The Double Axe of course also accommodates other types of players. For example, people who prefer to deal incredible damage but still keep their edge on foot are perfect for the Double axe role. This way they can accommodate their needs and also fend off creatures and enemies from themselves or their teammates using their swift and effective attacks.

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