The Day Before Introduces Sports Cars as they do an Exclusive Interview

Just when we thought The Day Before had gone quiet, while they work on their game to turn it around and impress the thousands of people who believe its a joke at this point. Developers Fntastic release a June 2023 Teaser Trailer basically showing how The Day Before Introduces Sports Cars to their post apocalyptic survival game!

The initial reaction on their Discord post saw a wealth of Meme tier reactions which the mods were quick to remove, including a middle finger, a laughing face and the famous kekw.

The Day Before Introduces Sports Cars

The Trailer of The Day Before Introduces Sports Cars is an interesting direction and change of pace to what we have seen before with the off-road military jeep style vehicles.

Exclusive Interview with Well Played AU

Australian news website Well Played have snagged an exclusive interview with The Day Before publisher Fntastic. We’ve picked out some of the more important questions;

WellPlayed: Are you able to give us an update on the game’s legal situation and when it will return to Steam? Is there any chance you’ll change the name?

Fntastic: We believe that power is in the truth. We were the first to start using this name related to the video game. This is an indisputable fact. Rooted in our belief in justice, we are optimistic about regaining our name through legal proceedings as swiftly as possible.

We want to reassure our community that our Steam page will be reinstated soon. We’ll be back at the top of the wishlists.

Currently, our primary focus remains on the development of the game itself. Trademark-related matters are being managed by our newly-formed New Zealand joint venture with our publisher Mytona, aptly named MytonaFntastic.

WellPlayed: Are you able to share some details about how the core gameplay will work? Will there be story missions/objectives (like in The Division)? Or will players simply venture out into the open world? Have you made a decision on how many players will populate a server?

FN: The Day Before is an open-world, post-apocalyptic sandbox. Here, players will have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in this new world, exploring a huge skyscraper city called New Fortune City, purchasing houses and vehicles, and creating unique, personal narratives along the way. While our game predominantly leans towards player-versus-player engagements, we will also incorporate quests centered around the restoration of society. In The Day Before, the fate of humanity truly rests in your hands.

We cannot provide specifics regarding player population per server at this stage as we are currently in the testing phase. We are committed to striking the perfect balance between a dynamic, populated world and optimal gameplay performance.

Our primary aim is to provide the most thrilling survival experience of the year to a wide array of player preferences and playstyles.

WellPlayed: The Day Before is set to release on November 10, are you able to confirm if it will launch on PC and consoles on that date? If not, can you give us an indication of when you’re aiming to bring the game to consoles? Have you considered releasing in Early Access?

FN: We are excited to confirm that The Day Before will launch first on PC, slated for November 10. Immediately following this release, we will be sharing a roadmap of forthcoming updates to keep our players engaged and excited. This roadmap will include new features and content additions, emphasizing our commitment to continuous game development.

Our initial focus is on the PC platform, but rest assured, console versions are next in line. The release dates for console versions will be announced soon after our PC launch, so stay tuned for updates.

While we aren’t considering an Early Access release, we are planning to conduct a closed beta phase prior to the game’s launch.

These were the questions we found most important, but you can head to the interview and read it full here. When we first found out about The Day Before in 2021 we couldn’t contain our excitement around the game, like most of the gaming world, but as time as passed we’re extremely sceptical about the future of The Day Before. However, like many of you, we are rooting for the game to be a success as the gaming world could really do with a modern post apoloyptic survival game like The Day Before… Time will tell!


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