The Latest Exciting Palia Beta Information 2023

Stoked about the news on Palia? Singularity Six’s latest game, Palia, has come out with a major set of news on its Beta testing as well as gameplay footage. Stick around to find out more about the game and the latest at Palia Beta Information.

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Get to know Palia!

Palia is a Massive Multiplayer Online game or, for short, an MMO game established in a fictional world where players can thrive and build a home from scratch while enjoying the majestic scenery and numerous astonishing adventures around the land rich with magic, animals, and wonders. Players can build, mine, climb hunt, and even create a cozy community within the game.

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Palia heading into Beta for PC!

Among other news, one of the most exciting ones would be Palia finally heading into Beta for PC! With Palia’s Beta information, as of now, there is no word for Beta on the Nintendo Switch console or news on Palia coming to Nintendo Switch in general aside from the fact it indeed has been announced. In other words, Beta testing will only be a PC exclusive.

However, for players who are unable to play the game in beta themselves, players have the option to wait and see the full potential of Palia upon its full release during the holidays of 2023! Won’t be that long and it’ll be like a quick surprise as to what Palia has in store!

How to sign up for the Beta?

With the new Palia Beta information, players and fans alike can sign up for the tests by creating an account through the Palia official site.

Beta Dates to keep in mind

Of course with Palia Beta information comes complete dates! The Closed and Open Beta of Palia is heading to start this August! So be sure to look out and mark your calendars for the up-and-coming Beta and Testing event to come!

  • Players can now create their account on starting TODAY!
  • Closed Beta begins on August 2, at 10:00 am PT
  • Open Beta begins on August 10, at 10:00 am PT 
  • No More Wipes – All player progress is yours to keep!

Great Palian Stress Test!

Coming this July 25th, 2023 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm PT, Palia’s 2nd Stress Test!

That’s right! Another big featured news on Palia Beta is information. After great the success of Palia’s very first Stress Test the developers called “Out Biggest Playtest yet!” where the game creators tested Palia’s ability to carry lots of players at once, Palia is now ripe for its second Stress Test! After the first test, devs made sure to focus on vulnerable areas of the game to maximize the experience of Palia! Now, it’s time for the next chapter!

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Refer a Friend Program

What is the Refer a Friend Program?

Palia’s Refer a Friend Program is a way to connect people and bring more players into the world of Palia with its rich lands and various animals! This way, players can play with their closest friends and build a cozy life with wonder and adventure!

How to refer a friend?

Palia Beta information is complete on the latest Palia beta information news! This includes a quick How-To on the Refer a Friend Program!

  • Create an account or log into your Palia account
  • Click “Refer a Friend” to find your special referral link
  • Copy and send the unique link to your friends

Goodies after referring a friend!

You hear that right! Included in the Palia Beta information, Those who made an account and have successfully referred up to 5 friends to the game will receive exclusive rewards as well as cosmetics for the game! such as the following:

  • Finding Friends Chapaa Hat
  • Finding Friends Chapaa Plush
  • Finding Friends Chapaa Outfit
  • Finding Friends Chapaa Fountain
  • Finding Friends Chapaa Glider Skin
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Switch and Steam Wishlist!

Palia is now available for players put on their wishlist for both Nintendo Switch and Steam! Wishlist the game now so that upon release, players are the first to know and download it to get started in their journey! Mine, Build, Live!

Palia’s first official gameplay footage!

Via the official beta trailer, we finally got a look into Palia’s gameplay during the testing stage! Want more info on the gameplay? Check out our Palia Gameplay Footage Shown By Singularity Six 2023! Exciting Features!

Additional Information on Palia beta information

To end off the Palia beta information, Let’s jump into the last bit! It’s time for…

The first look into Palia’s Gameplay! Yup! Palia’s gameplay footage is close to being released for the public to see!

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Even from the Beta Release Trailer, we already saw a lot of gameplay inside Palia! From mining to farming and growing your crops to cook and use for various things! Among other things in Palia Beta information, it is also shown that players can indeed have more fun adventuring with the Climbing feature of the game! That’s right! Players can climb mountains and other terrains alike! This feature gives players the special feeling of really being in the realm of Palia and its many wonders.

Set on an adventure with your friends and discover new lands to cultivate and raise! Meet tons of animals such as the fan favorite Chapaa!

We hope you enjoyed our quick word on the recently released Palia’s Beta information! Want to know more about Palia? Stop by Palia’s official game site and catch up on everything that is Palia!

Check out our article on Palia coming to Nintendo Switch 2023! Want more of our work on various other games such as Palia? Join our official discord server to be the first to know about game guides, news, and other MMO goodness! Until next time, adventurer!


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