The Quinfall Elaborates On Their Closed Beta Plans

Quinfalls wild promises and little show of anything makes this Closed Beta very important for the studio and game alike. With some confusion about the original release date and the Closed Beta date The Quinfalls developer team decided they needed to step in and clarify a few things.

The Quinfall

The Quinfall

Embark on an adventurous journey to explore the Quinfall universe. Be a part of unique battles and an immersive story with dozens of different professions in the depths of medieval times in an all-new MMORPG experience.

Explore the world’s largest MMORPG map with an area of 2016km2. Shape your adventure in five regions with their own unique, distinct climates. A living world awaits you with a map that adapts to four seasons with changing weather conditions and a day-night cycle.

Non-Target combat dynamics and a PVP-PVE experience based on sleight of hand and player experience allow you to experience all battles with a greater sense of spectacle and depth. Experience immersive medieval combat with thrilling ship battles, island skirmishes and castle sieges. The open-world PVP system brings a whole new combat experience every step of the way.

The Quinfall

How To Join The Closed Beta

To join The Quinfall in their Closed Beta you will need to sign up on their website and alternatively wait for the 30th and join the Beta through Steam. Its currently unknown how long the Closed Beta will run but due to the scale and the type of test we expect it to run for atleast a week if not longer. The Quinfall will enter Closed Beta on the 30th of January 2024, after the Closed Beta starts a new date will be announced to better reflect the actual full launch date.

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