The Shroudbreaker

The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale

The Shroudbreaker is the first official Tall tale in Sea of Thieves from the Shores of Gold series, where you can start on your own or with a group of friends. The Shroudbreaker story is about taking you as the player on an adventure to find out what happened to the Pirate Lord’s ship, the ‘Magpie’s Wing’, and to see if it still holds the clues to the rare artifact, the Shroud breaker!

The Shroudbreaker Commendations

There are a total of 9 commendations for this Tall Tale. 7 of them are tasks that you will need to do within the tall tale, as shown in the list below, and the other 2 are cosmetics which are rewarded for completing the task commendations.

The Pirate Lords Hat: you will get when completing the quest for the first time. 

The Magpie’s Wing Cannons: you will get when you complete all the commendations for this Tall Tale.

The Lost VoyageDiscover the Magpie’s Wing Ship Log
Vault of the AncientsDiscover the Ancient Vault
The Key to AdventureFind the Shroudbreaker Artefact
The ShroudbreakerComplete ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale
Mercia’s Lost MemoriesDiscover all Mercia’s Journals (5/5)
Footsteps of the Pirate LordComplete the Tall Tale 5 times
A Sunken LegacyComplete all commendations for ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale
Pirate Lord’s Hat (Character Cosmetic)Complete the ‘Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale
Magpie’s Wing Cannons (Ship Cosmetic) Complete all commendations for the ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale

Starting The Shroudbreaker

To start ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale quest, go to any outpost tavern on the map and click on the book next to the mysterious man at the back of the room, or you can go to the quest table on your ship and select it from there.

We strongly advise to go to Plunders outpost (J-18 on the map) and start the quest here. This will give you the easiest route for all journals to get 100 % completion. Also, the first journal is located on this island too!

Plunders Outpost

Once you are at Plunders Outpost, start the quest and listen to the Mysterious man, then once he has stopped with the dialogue, head out of the tavern and down the stairs and take a left. You should see half a rowboat sticking out of the ground with a cooking pot and 2 journals. One is on the floor (this is NOT the one you want). The one on the row boat is the first journal to collect.

Read the ‘The Shores of Gold’ journal and then it’s time to head south east to Thieves’ Haven.

Thieves’ Haven

Climb aboard your ship and go south east to Thieves’ Haven for the second journal (L-20 on the map). As seen in the photos below, you will want to sail inside the location. Once entering inside, you will see on the left side is a wooden hut,

Head over to this and inside the box is the second journal called ‘The Shroudbreaker’. Once you have read this, head back onto your ship and head East towards Devil’s Ridge.

Devil’s Ridge

Head East to Devil’s Ridge (P-19 on the map) and try to aim for the northern tip of the island. This will make it easier for you to get the third journal. There are a few small rocks around this island, so be careful not to hit any of these.

Once you are at the northern point of the island, you will notice a cannon on a higher raised platform, shoot yourself up there with your ship’s cannon, and you will notice the third journal beside it.

Read the third journal which is called ‘Comings and Goings’. Then head north to the Ancient Spire Outpost.

Ancient Spire Outpost

Head north from Devil’s Ridge and to see the outpost. Once you arrive at the Ancient Spire Outpost (Q-17 on the map). It is ideal for you to park on the main dock, which is east of the island. This will make it very easy to navigate to the fourth journal.

As seen in the images below, you want to dock your ship and head forward, then on your right you will notice two pathways. Take the right pathway. Then just follow it around, then you’ll want to cross the wooden decking and continue to follow it up.

Keep following the path upwards, and you will notice a book that is located on the middle pillar in the tunnel. Read the fourth journal ‘An Ancient Clue?’

Head back to your ship, and go to N-13 map coordinates for the final journal and quest location.

Finding Magpie’s Wing Ship’s Log

Finally, we are heading to the fifth journal and the next part of the quest. As seen in the quest book, you are looking for an island that is between Crooked Masts and Crook’s Hollow.

Head north-west to the coordinates N-13. This has a small set of islands that don’t appear on the map. This is the very first point to go to for the quest objective.

When you arrive at the island, go towards the northern point of the middle island. Here you will notice some parts of a ship washed up on the beach and a journal. This is the fifth and final journal called ‘What is the Devil’s Shroud?’.

Now turn behind you at the west side of the island and follow the broken parts of the ship into the water. You will notice the Magpie’s Wing Ship. Head inside, and you can pick up the ‘Magpie’s Wing Ship’s Log’. This will give you the next bit of information that is needed to proceed forward on the quest.

Finding the Ancient Chest

PLEASE NOTE – This part of the quest will be different each time you do this Tall Tale.

We have noticed when you start at Plunders Outpost, it is very common for them to give you the same ancient chest locations, such as Chicken isle, Snake Island or Fools Lagoon.

Here is a list below of all possible locations.

  • Fools Lagoon (I-14 on the map)
  • Chicken Isle (I-16 on the map)
  • Snake Island (K-14 on the map)
  • Paradise Spring (L-17 on the map)
  • Lookout Point (I-20 on the map)
  • Cutlass Cay (M-18 on the map)
  • Devils Ridge (P-19 on the map)

Open up your quest book and look at the new pages from the ‘Magpie’s Wing Ship’s Log’.

For us, it shows Discovery Ridge as the starting point, then we need to sail south-east, which leads us to Old Salts Atoll, then head east / north-east to Lost Gold Fort. Then finally head north-east to Snake Island.

As you can see in the book, the ancient chest was dumped in the south-west of a cluster of islands, so we arrived at Snake island, pulled the compass out and jumped into the sea, where we could see the glow from the Ancient chest.

Finding the Vault

Grab the chest and get back on your ship. Open the chest, and you will discover a totem and another page of quest information.

Read the new pages in the quest book and this will now send you somewhere else. You will need to use the left-side picture that is in the book and match it up to the map to work out what island you need to go to. For us, it was located at Crook’s Hollow.

PLEASE NOTE – You can match up the totem you got, to determine what island you need to go to.

  • Moon Totem – Crescent Isle (B-9 on the map)
  • Crab Totem – Uncharted Isle (N-13 on the map)
  • Scarab Totem – Crook’s Hollow (M-16 on the map)
  • Boar Totem – Devils Ridge (P-19 on the map)
  • Shark Totem – Krakens Fall (R-12 on the map)
  • Snake Totem – Mermaids Hideaway (B-13 on the map)

We are certain the outpost you start the quest at will determine which totem you will get. Every time we have started at Plunder’s Outpost we have ended up at Crook’s Hollow (M-16 on the map) with the Scarab Totem, so we hope this is the same for you.

Opening the Vault

PLEASE NOTE – The vault is not in the same location for all islands

Once you arrive at the island, bring the Totem with you. You will need to look for the hidden vault, as we got Crook’s Hollow. It is located just underneath the island. You will see the vault door and a place to put the totem.

Insert the totem into the slot which we have marked in the image below and the door will start to open. Head inside the room.

PLEASE NOTE – The combinations will be different for each vault.

In front of you will be an ancient table and 4 pillars behind it. Before you do anything, open up the book and look at the right page, you will notice 3 different combinations.

We highly recommend screen shotting this and keeping it open on a second monitor if possible.

Pull out your lantern and light the 4 flames that are around the table. You will notice the door behind you closes and water starts flooding in.

Starting from top to bottom of that page, enter the first set of combinations. Then press the button on the table.

Once you do this, now enter the second set of combinations and press the button and finally do the last set of combinations.

This will stop the water, now you will need to find the medallions to finally get the treasure.

Finding the Medallions

Look at the table in front of you, and you will notice it says ‘Requires Vault Medallions’ and shows an image. You will need to find that location and dig up the medallion and enter it into the slot below the table.

PLEASE NOTE – The medallion locations will depend on the island you are on

Crescent Isle Medallion locations
Crook’s Hollow Medallion locations
Devils Ridge Medallion locations
Mermaids Hideaway Medallion locations
Krakens Fall Medallion locations
Uncharted Island (N-13) Medallion locations

Medallion Location 1

As we are in Crook’s Hollow, the first location as shown in the photo is next to a rock with a picture of a scarab. Head out of the doors and take a left, keep going straight forward and you will see it. Dig up the medallion, fight off the enemies and bring it back and place it in the table.

Medallion Location 2

Now you will see another photo of a waterfall and some water. Head out of the door and take a right, and you will notice the area. Dig up the treasure, fight the enemies and place the second piece in.

Medallion Location 3

Finally, it will show you a picture which shows a stone face/head. It is located at the top of the island.

The easiest way to find this is to head outside the door and take a left to the scarab rock and then take a right through a blue light cave area. Then you will see some ladders to climb up and take a left again, up the hill.

Keep going up the hill, sticking to the left side. Eventually, you will get to the top, and you will see a path to go either left or right. Take the right, follow this, and you will see the stone head statue. Dig here and grab the last medallion.

Go back down to the vault and insert the final medallion into the table, and you will see ‘The Shroudbreaker’. Well done! Time to grab this and get out of there!

Returning The Shroudbreaker

It’s time for the last chapter of the quest. Drop the Shroudbreaker on your boat and get sailing! Head to any outpost you wish. 

You only actually need the Shroudbreaker, so if you wish to sell the chest for a little bit of extra gold, then go ahead.

Once you arrive at the outpost, go to the tavern and hand ‘The Shroudbreaker’ to the mysterious man. 

He will then tell you about how there should be four jewels that are missing from the shroudbreaker, which goes on about finding Briggsy and to speak to Madame Olivia about Briggsy’s whereabouts. This sets you up for the next quest called ‘The Cursed Rogue’. 

Well done, you have now completed The Shroudbreaker’. The first Tall Tale of the series, ‘Shores of Gold’, 

Time to speak to Madame Olivia at Plunder Outpost to start the next Tall Tall ‘The Cursed Rogue’.

You should now have unlocked all the commendations except one. To unlock this, you will need to do this Tall Tale a total of 5 times. 

Thankfully, you do not need to get all the journals again, you can just sail straight to N-13 coordinates after you take the quest, to speed up the process.

The Shroudbreaker Rewards

If you followed our guide correctly you should have achieved all the commendations for this tall tale and got around 2400-8000 gold (this can vary between the High Seas or Safer Seas), the Pirate Lord’s Hat and Magpie’s Wing Cannons.

We hope you liked our Sea of Thieves Guide. If you wish to see more Sea of Thieves content, check out our YouTube Channel or why not even join our discord for the latest information on other games.


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