Where to find the Golf Course in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest has various points of interest within the game. In this post we will show you where to find the Golf Course! This particular point of interest is definitely a location in which you cannot miss once you stumble upon it.

Where to Find the Golf Course

Where to find the Golf Course in Sons of the Forest location image

Using your GPS, make your way to the location shown in the image above. Once you reach this area on the map it should become fairly clear that the course is there before you!

Golf Course

Additionally, once you are on the Golf Course you may find various items that can help you on your adventure. One particular item which stands to be a fan favorite in most genres, is the Putter!

Golf Course Location

Heading to the section of the map found on the GPS image above will lead you to the Putter! As we know, it is never a bad thing to have more at your disposal! Should you want an alternative location to find another, there are other options.

Start of the Golf Course

While this one is not quite on the course – you may come across this during your travels instead or perhaps golf isn’t your thing, and that’s okay!

Sons of the Forest is officially in Early Access! To see other locations, weapons, items and more, check out our map.


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