The Day Before Fans are Promised an “Announcement Soon”

The Day Before is one of the most wishlisted games on Steam, capturing the hearts of all us Post- Apocalypse survival fans. But should we be worried?

Edit: We got our announcement and you can take a look here.

Ever since the game got delayed earlier this year, fans of The Day Before have been eagerly awaiting news about the game being developed by Fnntastic. Rightly so, fans of the anticipated game have been growing increasingly concerned over the state of the game and communication from the Dev. The Day Before Official Twitter was even posting information about Fntastic’s other game PropNight. 

Prop Hunt

However, we may finally have light at the end of the tunnel. With the game scheduled for release on March 31st 2023, The Day Before fans are really expecting some gameplay footage soon. And we might be getting it. 

The Day Before

On the 5th December, Fntastic posted “WOW. HERE. SOON. #thedaybefore”. This rightly got fans of the game excited, knowing we would soon get some highly anticipated information. Of course, with excitement comes a lot of scepticism. With over 170 people taking part in a vote on whether this March release will be fake, again, 78.8% voted yes. 

Recent Tweets from The Day Before

A few days later, The Day Before retweeted another tweet from Fntastic. The tweet mentioned it was 1/3, so we knew we were going to receive some more information soon. 
They did confirm that The Day Before would be shown at a major international event in early January. 

We’re not sure which one but we hope to get information soon. Some of the events happening in January are: Super Magfest 2023, Fan Expo New Orleans 2023, ATG Expo 2023, QuadCon Brookfield 2023 and more.

The Day Before 2/3 Tweet

A day after the announcement tweet we were graced with a screenshot of an NPC. This guy looks like he is some type of shop owner with the text prompt suggesting you can buy gear from him. It also looks like you meet him as part of a storyline based on the other two questions.

The Day Before 3/3 Tweet

Gameplay Footage

The third and final 3/3 tweet we received was a week later, on the 17th December, giving us some gameplay footage in the way of a YouTube Short. The graphics look nice, the character models are clean, but the gunplay does look a little.. rough around the edges. The movement of the character looks strange and slow, maybe the person playing was using a controller and hasn’t played many games. 

We are keeping our eyes peeled for information on the upcoming announcement. You can take a look at their Twitter here:


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