The Day Before Release Date Announced along with their Final Trailer

The Day Before has seen its fair share of ups and downs over the past couple of years, however today they launched their Final Trailer before the upcoming launch later this year.

The Day Before Release Date

The developers Fntastic have seen their game removed from Steam, their name copyrighted and delays after delays leaving their fans extremely disappointed. I think a lot of gamers had put this to bed assuming that it would never see the light of day, but today they released their Final Trailer along with an Early Access Release Date!

The Day Before Release Date

Similar to their previous videos, they didn’t actually show much gameplay, but they did show development since the last time we saw something from them!

They gave us a bigger look into their character creation screen where you can choose your personality, appearance, skin type, make up, hair and more!

The Day Before character creation

Previously we had a quick look into the inventory system, a big part of a game like this so we didn’t know what to expect, however this video gave us a slightly deeper look showing a much larger inventory management system.

We got a look at what seems to be a nice zombie type, potentially some boss Zombie? Or as a big fan of the Walking Dead… The Walkers!

The Day Before zombies

We got a slightly deeper look into the new vehicles we’ve been seeing on their social media. Which has received interesting feedback… It’s kind of like they wanted to give the players something that may sweeten the deal from all the recent issues… sports cars!!

You can see in the bottom right the cars require fuel and also have durability.

The Day Before cars

And Finally we good our first look into housing in the game, or as they called it – your Ranch! The game seems to promise us the ability to claim and decorate a house out in the forest. This is an extremely appealing feature for MMO players so this will be a big hit assuming it’s actually in the game.

The Day Before ranch

With a new Early Access Release Date for The Day Before of 7th December 2023, we can all look forward to finally giving the game a try for ourselves to see what it’s like!


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