The Day Before Release Date

As 2022 is coming to a close, we have seen the power of Unreal Engine 5 with a bunch of games showcasing how unbelievable the graphics are. We are excited to see what The Day Before is going to look and feel like. The Day Before Release Date is coming soon. Here are the latest frequently asked questions about The Day Before Release Date.

The Day Before Release Date
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The Day Before clearly has a strong PvE component, given its setting, but what can players expect from the game in terms of PvP?

In The Day Before, we created the real world of the post-apocalypse, which means players have absolute freedom. Complete tasks with other players or alone. You can meet anyone whenever you want, act as you want, cooperate with people or steal from them – it’s your choice. And, of course, you can loot the defeated players.

It seems like restoring and expanding a colony of survivors is a crucial element of the game. How will this tie into the meta-progression and the story?

The possibility to gather with friends, meet, and make new friends in a safe place will create many personal stories for those who will play The Day Before. In Woodberry Survivor Colony, you can not only communicate with other players but also talk to the inhabitants of the colony, take tasks from them and reveal more details about the world. Also, we’re testing a system of reputation within the colony, so your activity will affect your progression in the story. More information will be revealed in future videos and posts on our social media.

With The Day Before Release Date coming soon, what can you tell us about the loot game in The Day Before and how it will tie into progression?

In The Day Before, there are no colored items of different value, everything is real, weapons act as in real life, a light bulletproof vest will only save you from a pistol, and boots will not give you protection from shots. It is important for us to give the player maximum immersion in the world of the post-apocalypse.

The Day Before Release Date is set for March 1st 2023.

It seems like vehicles and vehicular exploration are going to be an important part of the experience. Can you tell us more about this? Will building, repairing, and maintaining vehicles be important mechanics in the game?

Travel off-road, knead the mud, but be careful – if you get stuck, you will become easy prey. The car can either save your life or become a trap. You need to keep an eye on the fuel, otherwise, you could stall at the most inconvenient moment. We have carefully approached the details of the game. For example, in order to fill up the fuel, you need to pick up a canister and really pour it into the tank of the car, the same way the car is repaired, you have to go out and fix it. The game will include not only ordinary cars but also armored vehicles. Just imagine we are walking together along the lifeless streets of the city, and skyscrapers once filled with people hanging over us. We have the best assault rifles, and then we suddenly see a running armored vehicle ahead that notices us! To deal with such an enemy, you need a completely different approach. 

The Day Before

What can players expect from The Day Before where enemy variety is concerned?

Let’s imagine that a zombie apocalypse has come to your city. What danger will you face? We at Fntastic believe that during a real post-apocalypse there’ll be lots of wonderful people who help others no matter what, but inevitably there’ll be those who won’t hesitate to use force. So in the game, you can meet zombies, real human players, and human NPCs, but unlike the civilians of Woodberry, they are more likely to shoot you in your head instead of a greeting. As for types of zombies, they are divided into realistic varieties, for example, by their physique. Zombies react to sounds and rely on sight, and by the way, if you carry too many things, the sounds you make will be louder and the chance that you will be heard will increase. With The Day Before Release Date coming soon, each contact with the infected may be your last. It is important for us to convey the same emotions from meeting a zombie as if it happened in real life. 

Endgame content is obviously crucial in any game such as this one. What can players expect from The Day Before in that regard, in terms of things like dungeons, raids, and the like?

If you watched our last trailer, then you probably saw a strange corridor. This corridor is a part of a large laboratory complex of the mysterious Azure Initiatives corporation. In general, such PvE places provide an opportunity for us to show the game in a different light. It will be like a cold shower after a boiling hot day! For us, game development is an art where we have no limits to our imagination.

The Day Before

What are your post-launch plans for the game in the months following its release? Are you planning on adding an additional story or endgame content to the game soon after it releases?

We have so many cool ideas for upgrades that screw seriousness. Sometimes, when we think about it, we can start running and jumping out of excitement and have too much energy. For example, we are all inspired by holiday events, concerts with stars in the survivor’s camp, new locations, new weapons, cool skins, and racing cars. The Day Before Release Date is coming soon. There is so much fun you can do to brighten up post-apocalypse everyday life! Write what you would like to see in the comments below. As for the store, we don’t care about that. It is not the main thing for us. The main thing for our team is to create the greatest MMO survival game. 

How large is the game’s open-world setting going to be?

The Day Before features a large open world that you can freely navigate both on foot and by car without any loading screens. The focus is on the big city and its surroundings, but players will also be able to explore farms, vast meadows, small settlements, majestic forests, and snow-capped mountains. It is a hand-detailed world aiming to convey the romance of the post-apocalypse, in which players can live their own stories.

Roughly how long will the main story in The Day Before be?

Everything will depend on your style of playing and updates. We’re creating a huge world with many stories, not just one main story. It will be a world where you can feel the atmosphere of the post-apocalypse, live in, and look forward to new stories to happen. 

Do you have any plans for a pre-launch beta or demo for The Day Before?

We will have a pre-launch beta, but only for thousands of lucky ones. It’s great that our publisher has so many employees!

The Day Before

Let’s talk about the footage that was revealed. Was it a part of the actual and will the final game look like that? The Day Before FAQ

We intend to take the survival MMO genre to a whole new level! We are constantly improving the game, including graphics and animations. Every week our team makes new breakthroughs in order to give players the highest quality game. So the final game will be much better. 

Do you have any plans to bring the game to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S?

We will not be able to port the game to your NES, but we are considering next-gen consoles. Wait for a special announcement. 

Is there anything else you want to tell us about the game?

We are grateful to you and your readers for their interest in The Day Before! Follow the news and subscribe to our social networks for more interesting details.

The Day Before Release Date

The Day Before Release Date is currently set to November 2023.

Source: Gaming Bolt Interview & TBD Discord.


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