Armored Core 6: How to Beat Balteus Boss Fight

The big bulky baddie of Chapter 1 is here! Take a look at this guide to help you beat Balteus in Armored Core 6.

Welcome, pilots, to another thrilling boss battle breakdown! Today, we’re delving into the heart-pounding encounter with the fearsome Chapter 1 Boss in Armored Core 6. This colossal mechanized monstrosity boasts two formidable phases, each with its own unique challenges and strategies. So, tighten those grip controls, load up your arsenal, and let’s dive into tackling how to Beat Balteus and claim our rewards!

Beat Balteus Phase 1 (100% HP): Start of the Battle

To beat Balteus, being wary of his attacks and reacting to it is key. One of its primary attack in this phase is the delayed missile launch. These homing projectiles lock onto you with ruthless precision. Fortunately, these missiles have a telltale 1-2 second wind-up animation accompanied by distinctive sound effects. Keep an eye out for these visual and auditory cues; they give you a vital heads-up to evade before the missiles are launched. Swiftly boost-dodge to the side or employ well-timed vertical thrusts to escape their trajectory. A sure way to beat Balteus!

Dodge the missile volley for safer attempt to beat Balteus

In addition to its missile volley, Balteus wields a single-shot cannon/missile with quite a significant damage potential. This shot of destruction can’t be ignored. Your best bet is to keep your distance and utilize the audio cue to time your evades, which will take some practice. Zone a bit, take potshots, and immediately dodge-strafe to minimize the chances of getting caught in its crosshairs.

Also dodge the cannon shot for safer attempt to beat Balteus

Beat Balteus Phase 2 (50% HP): Halfway there!

Once you’ve dealt enough damage, Balteus transitions to its second phase with a devastating EMP charge. This attack can bring even the sturdiest Armored Core to its knees. Your goal here is to survive the initial blast and ensure your HP doesn’t plummet to critical levels. Make sure to evade and relocate out of the blast radius, keeping check of your energy bar. As you recover, brace yourself for Balteus’s increased attack frequency and new attack patterns.

Leave close range of EMP for safer attempt to beat Balteus

During this phase, Balteus introduces a sweeping flamethrower + shotgun attack. The intense heatwave of flames engulfs a wide area which occasionally be followed by a few taps of his shotgun, making evasion crucial. Remember, most major attacks still maintain their 1-2 second wind-up animations and distinct sound effects. Use this to your advantage, anticipating Balteus’s moves and dodging with precision timing.

Stay attentive of the flamethrower and shotgun combo for safer attempt to beat Balteus

Mastering the Battle: Break, Break, and Break

The key to overcoming Balteus lies in breaking its shield and maintaining your composure in the chaos of battle. In both phases, focus your fire on its shield with melee weapons and/or energy weapons. The concentrated fire helps weaken the shield’s integrity, making it susceptible to damage. Once the shield shatters, Balteus becomes vulnerable to direct attacks, allowing you to chip away at its health. A reliable method to beat Balteus!

Breaking shield by using missiles and energy weapons on the attempt to beat Balteus faster

Keep in mind that your mobility is your lifeline. Balteus’s attacks are fearsome, but they’re also telegraphed with distinct animations and sounds. Use this information to predict its movements and evade accordingly. Boost-dodge, strafe, and thrust strategically to keep out of harm’s way.

Dodging and strafing to beat Balteus

Remember, practice makes perfect. Balteus’s patterns can be overwhelming at first, but with persistence and adaptability, victory will be within reach. Equip yourself with the right loadout, study its attack patterns, and execute your dodges and strikes with finesse.

AC Build

Here you can find the build we used to take down Balteus with ease. As we know many people are struggling with Balteus, check out below for an image of the AC’s Assembly set-up and finally, the share ID of the mech! With this share ID, you can immediately download the mech and use it for yourself! To see more on how to share/download AC’s, click here.

  • Armored Core 6 Share ID balteus AC
  • Armored Core 6 Share AC Data

In Conclusion

Defeating Balteus in Armored Core 6 demands a blend of strategy, timing, and precision. Pay attention to the visual and auditory cues, break its shield as quickly as possible, and maintain your mobility to outmaneuver its devastating assaults. By staying composed under pressure and exploiting its vulnerabilities, you’ll emerge victorious and cement your status as a top-tier Armored Core pilot. So, gear up, pilots, and show Balteus what you’re made of!

Check the video below to watch a Balteus Boss fight attempt that takes note of the points above:

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