Exploring the Riveting Endings of Armored Core 6: Fires of Raven, Liberator of Rubicon, and Alea Iacta Est

Armored Core 6 has multiple different endings to the game. This adds some choice for players to look forward to. We will have a look at the three main stories and what effect they have on the Armored Core universe.

Ending 1: Fires of Raven

Ending 1: Fires of Raven

The Fires of Raven follows a dark and destructive story. Players who choose this path embrace the chaos and violence of the world. The player character, known as the Raven, chooses to side with the powerful corporations and military-industrial complexes (such as Arquebus, Balam, and the others) that control the world.

The Raven’s decision leads to devastation of Coral, as they encounter Ayre in the final fight atop the ship purposed to crash and destroy said Coral. This ending is considered as the bad route as growth between humans and Coral failed to flourish.

To achieve this ending choose:

  • Chapter 3-  Eliminate the Enforcement Squads
  • Chapter 4 – Intercept the Redguns
  • Chapter 5 -Intercept the Corporate Forces

Following the missions above unlocks the following missions for Fires of Raven:

  • Breach the Karman Line
  • Shut Down the Closure Satellites

Ending 2: Liberator of Rubicon

Ending 2: Liberator of Rubicon

The Liberator of Rubicon ending offers the opposite to the Fires of Raven path. In this ending, players take on the role of a hero fighting for justice and the liberation of the oppressed. Rubicon, with its faction of rebels fighting against the corporations, looks to the player character as their beacon of hope.

Choosing this path requires players to make sacrifices as they fight strong enemies with the odds against them. The Liberator of Rubicon ending showcases the themes of resilience, determination, and the fight for a better world. It highlights the idea that individuals can make a difference when they stand up against tyranny and corruption. At the very end of the route, you will face Walter with his Coral AC and his ideals, in a falling spaceship.

To achieve this ending choose:

  • Chapter 3 – Destroy the Special Forces Craft
  • Chapter 4 – Ambush the Vespers
  • Chapter 5 – Eliminate “Cinder” Carla

Following the missions above unlocks the following missions for Liberator of Rubicon:

  • Destroy the Drive Block
  • Bring Down the Xylem

Ending 3: Alea Iacta Est

Ending 3: Alea Iacta Est

The Alea Iacta Est ending presents players with a moral dilemma. In this ending, the player character must make a fateful decision that will change the future of the Armored Core world.

This ending explores the consequences of ambiguity and the shades of grey in morality. It forces players to confront difficult choices and their potential consequences. showcasing the morally questionable nature of the Armored Core universe. At this route, you will further interact with ALLMIND and its goal and purpose as you find your way fighting an unexpected returning guest.

NOTE: This ending requires New Game ++ to be done.

  • Chapter 1 – Attack the Dam Complex (Accept the offer of killing your allies)
  • Chapter 3 – Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech
  • Chapter 3 – Eliminate the Enforcement Squads
  • Chapter 4 – Coral Export Denial
  • Chapter 4 – Eliminate V.III

Following the missions above unlocks the following missions for Alea Iacta Est:

  • MIA
  • Regain Control of the Xylem
  • Coral Release


With the multiple endings and different choices you can make, Armored Core 6 is a great game to explore. The 3 different endings let players explore different moral encounters which can be interesting. “Fires of Raven” emphasizes the destructive power of unchecked authority, “Liberator of Rubicon” champions the hero’s journey against oppression, and “Alea Iacta Est” presents players with a thought-provoking moral quandary.

That wraps it up, Ravens! Check out our other content here about Armored Core 6 (or even a bunch of other games), such as this one that goes into the lore of the game. Make sure to also join the community at our Discord server for all things gaming.


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