Armored Core 6 and Its Intriguing Universe

The lore of Armored Core 6 thrusts players into a futuristic realm where humanity has reached technological advancement colonizing distant planets and unraveling the secrets of a remarkable substance called Coral. This unique element serves as both an energy source and a data conduit promising unparalleled technological advancements. However, the discovery of Coral triggers an unprecedented catastrophe known as the Fires of Ibis.

The Fires of Ibis Incident in Armored Core 6

Lore of Armored Core 6: Setting

Armored Core 6 unfolds on the distant frontier planet of Rubicon 3, a world that once held the promise of boundless opportunities with the advent of Coral. Initially hailed as humanity’s beacon of progress, Coral’s true nature unveils itself with cataclysmic consequences. The Fires of Ibis consumed the planet, leaving behind a deadly contaminant. For some decades, Coral vanished from existence, buried beneath the ashes.

Rubicon of Armored Core 6

However, hope emerges anew as traces of Coral resurface on Rubicon 3. Mega-corporations (such as Arquebus, Balam and the others) descend upon the planet, driven by the desire to harness its potential, oblivious to the harm inflicted upon its inhabitants. Mercenaries flock to the chaos, seeking profit from the ensuing conflict. In the midst of this turmoil, a protagonist emerges—C4-621, an augmented human under the employ of the infamous handler, Walter.

The handler of 621 in Armored Core 6

The Protagonist of Armored Core 6: C4-621, AKA “Raven”

621 aka Raven, protagonist of Armored Core 6

Our central character initially known as C4-621 embarks on an extraordinary journey. After an unauthorized landing on Rubicon 3 C4-621 adopts the call sign of a fallen mercenary “Raven.” The promise of a fresh start and a chance at redemption entices Raven to take on dangerous mercenary missions.

The Synopsis of Armored Core 6

Raven’s journey is one of danger as they are smuggled onto Rubicon 3 by their handler Walter. On this planet, Raven assumes the identity of “Raven” and infiltrates a multi-faceted conflict. The battle lines are drawn between mega-corporations like Balam Industries and Arquebus Corp, the anti-corporation Rubicon Liberation Front (RLF), and the Planetary Closure Administration (PCA), all wanting control over the elusive Coral.

Throughout numerous battles, Raven forms unexpected alliances with fellow mercenaries Rusty and “Cinder” Carla. These relationships provide both assistance and camaraderie amidst the chaos. In an extraordinary twist, Raven makes contact with Ayre, a mysterious woman who can communicate directly with Raven’s mind.

As the plot thickens, Walter detects an unusual concentration of Coral at the Central Ice Field, hinting at a massive deposit hidden beneath. This discovery prompts Balam and Arquebus to unite against the common threat of the PCA. The ensuing battles involve military forces and Coral superweapons, plunging Rubicon 3 further into turmoil.

Ayre’s identity in Armored Core 6

In the midst of this chaos Ayre’s true nature is unveiled. She is an entity born from Coral existing within it. Ayre’s existence and her connection to Coral hold the key to the fate of Rubicon 3.

The video below shows the voice lines of Ayre when you duel with her in the Arena:

The Diverging Paths of Armored Core 6

As the conflict escalates Raven faces critical decisions. Should Raven side with Carla and pursue the destruction of Coral potentially repeating the disaster known as the Fires of Ibis?

The Fires of Raven Ending in Armored Core 6

Or, will Raven align with Ayre, aiming for a future where Coral and humanity coexist in harmony?

The Liberator of Rubicon Ending

Every choice Raven makes will affect the story differently. This allows the game to have multiple endings to it.

New Game Plus of Armored Core 6

For those looking for a deeper experience Armored Core 6 offers a New Game Plus campaign. Raven can explore newly unlocked RLF missions facing off against AI-controlled ACs for analysis. AI known as ALLMIND contacts Raven offering new challenges and opportunities.

The Future of Armored Core 6

In an additional New Game Plus campaign, Ayre uncovers classified data regarding the enigmatic ACs. Meanwhile, ALLMIND recruits Raven into the Coral Release Project, a mission to achieve symbiosis between Coral and humans. Raven’s role evolves as they take on missions that further the Release Project’s goals.

The Climactic Showdown in Armored Core 6

The peak of this journey leads Raven aboard the colossal Xylem where they confront Overseer and attempt to seize control of the ship. It’s a high-stakes battle with the fate of Coral, Rubicon 3, and humanity itself hanging in the balance.

A New Beginning in Armored Core 6

As the dust settles, Raven and Ayre emerge victorious. They dismantle ALLMIND and initiate the Coral Release, ushering in a new era where Coral spreads throughout the universe, promising boundless possibilities.

And there you have it, Ravens! For other guides (such as how to deal with those pesky bosses), check out how to easily beat the Sea Spider and Ice Worm. Make sure to join our community Discord server for all things gaming.


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