Masterful Guide to the Menacing Ice Worm Boss in Armored Core 6

Discover the ultimate guide to conquering the Ice Worm Boss in Armored Core 6 as it slithers in field, burrows underneath, and even disintegrates you with the famed coral lasers. Get crafty tips, strategies, and FAQs for a successful run.

Armored Core 6 is an exhilarating game filled with formidable challenges, and one of the most daunting foes you’ll encounter at the finality of Chapter 3 is the Ice Worm Boss. Defeating this colossal adversary requires skill and a deep understanding of its strengths and weaknesses. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into every aspect of facing the boss, providing you with valuable insights, strategies, and insider tips. Whether you’re a rookie pilot or a seasoned veteran, this guide will help you emerge victorious.

The First Encounter with the Ice Worm

The Gimmick of the Mission

The Ice Worm serves as a significant boss encounter in the “Destroy the Ice Worm” mission. To incapacitate the Ice Worm, players are required to equip the VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher, for targeting its frontal area.

After a successful hit, Rusty can then disable it using a potent railgun, granting the whole squad a brief opportunity to inflict meaningful damage. As the battle goes on, it becomes more aggressive and introduces new and various attack patterns. Success in this demanding battle hinges on perfect timing and a little bit of luck as to when it will un-burrow itself; strategically utilizing weaponry, and coordinating effectively with AI companions.

Phase 1 (100% HP)

First Phase of Ice Worm

The start of the mission wherein the health of the boss is topped off marks the first phase. Here, the player gets directed by his allies towards the use of the stun needle and when to utilize the weapon in the fight. During the encounter, the boss will try to fight the squad with an assortment of attack patterns, most of which are below:

Direct Body Hits

The Ice Worm charges towards an allied AC, dealing significant damage and completely shattering the stagger bar. This occurs often when it burrows and un-burrows afterwards. Even being in contact at its sides lends you the whole damage as normal.

Direct hits from Ice Worm

Tracking Coral Missiles

The missiles launched from its body travel in the air for a bit and tracks towards the allied AC units (including ourselves). This is easily evadable by stepping to either side without Quick-boosting.

Missiles from Ice Worm

After successfully hitting the first stun needle, Rusty follows up with his railgun that disables the Ice Worm. This gives the whole team ample time to damage it while it is downed.

 Ice Worm first Stun Needle hit
Window of opportunity against Ice Worm

Phase 2 (66% HP)

Coral Explosion

Ice Worm zaps or electrocutes any allied AC within its proximity. With our provided build, this won’t be an issue.

Coral Explosion from Ice Worm


During Phase 2, the Ice Worm deploys its drones that serve as a distraction when it burrows and un-burrows within the field.

Drones from Ice Worm

Side Rolls

The Ice Worm finishes un-burrowing, then rolls to its sides, sweeping anything caught within it, easily telegraphed and evaded.

Side Roll from Ice Worm

Hitting the second stun needle leads to Phase 3.

 Second hit of the stun needle against Ice Worm

Phase 3 (33% HP)

With a third of Ice Worm’s HP remaining, its attacks become more frequent, but again with the provided build, this won’t become an issue once you are guaranteed to hit the third (and final) stun needle.

Third hit of the Stun Needle against Ice Worm

Hitting the third stun needle incapacitates the Ice Worm. Using two HU-BENs, a Songbird and the Stun Needle, you can easily mop up its remaining health as fast and as swiftly as possible.

Finishing shot against Ice Worm

The AC Build against Ice Worm

The build for this mission requires some heavy weapons, so building lighter AC’s is definitely better. You could opt for a tank treads or with that in mind. Equip in both arms the HU-BEN’s, which deals consistent yet impactful damage whenever Ice Worm is incapacitated. Songbirds for that added burst damage, and the key weapon for this mission the VE-60SNA Stun Needles to disable the Coral Armor of the boss. With this setup, you only need to focus on firing the stun needle first, let the boss fall down, then unleash everything else afterwards with the cannons and the miniguns.

Check the video below as we follow the tips and tricks of this guide:

In the world of Armored Core 6, mastering the Ice Worm encounter is a testament to skill and strategy. By maintaining a safe distance, seizing opportunities, and coordinating with allied units, players can overcome this mechanical monstrosity. Remember, timing is everything, and precision is key when confronting the Ice Worm.

And there you have it, Ravens! For other boss guides, check out how to easily beat Balteus and the Sea Spider. Make sure to join our community Discord server for all things gaming.


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