Ashes Of Creation Announces a New Preliminary Alpha 2 Date

With great power comes great responsibility even during the holiday season, luckily for the Intrepid team they have finally officially released their preliminary Ashes Of Creation Alpha 2 Date. Hopefully this lightens the load a little for the team heading into their much deserved holiday celebrations.

Ashes Of Creation announces a new preliminary alpha 2 date

Ashes Of Creation Alpha 2 Date

During the december development update we finally got the long awaited alpha 2 date, sadly for some its not coming out as early as hoped. The preliminary Alpha 2 date for Ashes Of Creation is currently set in the 3rd quarter of 2024. Not as early as the Q1 or Q2 predictions made within the Ashes Of Creation community but an impressive feat from the Intrepid team non the less. Official numbers of alpha 2 supporters are sadly not publicly available but from a community poll ran by the MMO-Wiki team we found that a fair number of potential players can be expected. Obviously this would require stronger server infrastructure and a bigger support team on standby potentially taking away from other development resources, we look forward to figuring out how Intrepid intends to balance this new weight on their shoulders.

Ashes Of Creation announces a new preliminary alpha 2 date

“For now”

Even though Intrepid felt confident enough setting Q3 of 2024 as their preliminary alpha 2 date it cant be said enough that for now it is just that: Preliminary. Steven Sharif the studios founder mentioned that despite the studios full confidence in this announcement any changes due to the ongoing testing and development are not out of the question. For now though people can start pinning a rough date for their first look into Ashes Of Creation. For those wanting to gain access or where planning to in the near future you can purchase a package directly from the Ashes Of creation website here.

Ashes Of Creation announces a new preliminary alpha 2 date

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