Ashes of Creation and the Intriguing Caravan System Update (1-11-2023)

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In this review article, we delve deep into the Ashes of Creation Caravan Preview video. Explore the game’s unique caravan system and its impact on the MMORPG world.

Ashes of Creation has been generating excitement in the gaming community, and one of its most anticipated features is the caravan system. In this article, we’ll take a close look at this intriguing video, exploring the mechanics, visuals, and significance of caravans in the game. Explore with us on this immersive journey through the world of Ashes of Creation.

The Inspiration and Design Philosophy for Ashes of Creation

Before we explore the Caravan Preview, it’s essential to understand the beginnings of Ashes of Creation. This MMORPG boasts a dynamic and ever-evolving realm filled with lush landscapes, sprawling cities, and a rich narrative. It’s a world where players’ choices shape the destiny of the land, and the caravan system is a vital part of this experience.

According to the website, Ashes of Creation Wiki, they draw their inspiration from various other MMORPG titles such as Eve Online, ArcheAge, Star Wars Galaxies, and Lineage II. The developers aim to take what these games did well and move the genre forward, bringing it into the modern era.

They highlighted the concept of risk versus reward, which is a driving force in Ashes of Creation’s design. The game incorporates PvP mechanics through both opt-in systems and open-world PvP with a flagging system. The flagging system is designed to discourage griefing while still maintaining risk in the game world. There’s also a corruption system, which penalizes players for engaging in unethical behavior. The higher a player’s corruption score, the more it affects their skills and dampens their effectiveness in PvP combat. The system aims to deter griefing and promote a more balanced and fair gameplay experience.

And so with this design philosophy and inspirations behind Ashes of Creation in hand, let us see how they would translate it into their latest feature of caravans.

Caravans: The Backbone of Trade

Ashes of Creation players escorting a caravan

Caravans are more than just a mode of transportation in Ashes of Creation; they are the lifeblood of commerce and trade. Players can form caravans to transport valuable resources, trade goods, or embark on adventures. These mobile convoys are essential for maintaining the economic balance of the world, making them a fundamental aspect of the gameplay.

In Ashes of Creation, there are three main types of caravans: mayoral caravans, system-driven caravans, and personal caravans. Mayoral caravans are launched by mayors to obtain resources from other nodes, while system-driven caravans are system-spawned caravans used for trade routes between nodes. Personal caravans are initiated by players themselves and can be land-based or water-based. The caravans facilitate the transfer of goods, supplies, and quests, and so they are integral for the game’s economic activity.

The Caravan Preview Video

Found below is the video released by the developers for the caravan system of the game:

Analysis of the Update

There were several interesting additions of features for the game, most notably the caravans, what they are utilized for, and how they could be pivotal for the players’ gameplay, especially since caravans which contain valuable commodities can be attacked by others. This introduces: (a) the need for escorts that make sure such valuables get to their destination safely, and (b) the incentive to go for caravans as an attacker to pillage such valuables.

This system is now a challenge for their design philosophy, especially towards how they would want to make the delivering of caravans risky for the escorts and incentivized for the pillagers, whilst still balancing it enough for it to be not so overtly griefing. Corruption solves this by limiting the frequency of the pillagers to attack the caravans, as doing so will lessen and dampen their effectiveness in PVP. Getting a lot of corruption would be putting yourself into such disadvantages situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: What is Ashes of Creation?

Ashes of Creation is an upcoming MMORPG that promises a dynamic and evolving game world, driven by player choices.

FAQ 2: How do caravans work in the game?

Caravans in Ashes of Creation serve as a means of transporting resources, trade goods, and valuable items. Players must protect their caravans from threats during their journeys.

FAQ 3: Where can I watch the Caravan Preview video?

The Caravan Preview video is available on the official Ashes of Creation website and their official social media channels.

FAQ 4: When is Ashes of Creation expected to launch?

The game’s release date is still in development, as the developers are committed to delivering a polished and enjoyable gaming experience.

FAQ 5: Are there any special rewards for participating in caravans?

Participating in caravans can yield in-game rewards, influence on the game world, and opportunities for profit.

FAQ 6: How do caravans affect the game’s politics?

Caravans play a significant role in shaping political alliances and rivalries, the economics, and basically the gameplay within Ashes of Creation, adding depth and intrigue to the game world.


In conclusion, the Ashes of Creation Caravan Preview video offers a tantalizing glimpse into a vibrant and immersive MMORPG world. Caravans are poised to be one of the central component of the game, influencing the economy, politics, and player interactions. As we eagerly await the game’s release, the caravan system promises exciting adventures and boundless opportunities.

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